Era505, ​​behind their Bars there is fear for the future: the video

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We are Flavio Guarasci born in 2001 and Pietro Cencioni born in 2002 from Rome, and together we form the era505 project. We say it right away, because everyone asks us: what does our name mean? The concept of “era” was born from the time we spent together, the “505” instead comes from one of our games where we insert “SOS” at the end of the words, an acronym which we then transformed into 505. “Barre” is the title of the our latest single made by producer Francesco Pierguidi of LoudnProud Studio. The beats were born initially inspired by the famous “Thousand Miles” by The Kid Laroi, and then moved towards more rap sounds, also recalling that taste of Dark Polo Gang, Ketama, Sick Luke, Franco 126 and Carl Brave, all artists who collaborated with Pierguidi. The song tells of a sense of inadequacy and fear towards the future, which we try to face through music. For our previous songs, we had relied on another type of writing. An approach that didn’t involve us entirely in storytelling, but limited us to being spectators of a story that didn’t fully belong to us. Thus, with the aim of involving others, we ended up forgetting ourselves and our real thoughts. The ultimate goal was to reach as many people as possible by talking about common emotions, regardless of the fact that these things might not concern us.

In this sense, the song marks a turning point in our way of writing, no longer based on the listener, but on us and on our doubts and thoughts. We started writing “Barre” in October. The bars express emotional suffering, the desire for change and revenge, seeking the strength to free oneself from one’s unhappiness. That sense of failure caused by fear for tomorrow ahead. The bars, which are the unit of measurement used to define the duration of a rap verse, become for us a symbol of change towards our approach to music. The piano notes that open the track prelude the melancholy atmosphere of the piece, which then evolves into a crescendo of rhymes between beats and vocal effects. The video clip that accompanies the piece was shot by Ferdinando Montone for Himalaya Studio in the Lungotevere cycle path area in Rome. We have chosen this place near the Tiber Island, to accentuate this sense of inadequacy. We who are in the world below, and those in the world above. The Tiber River which flows below the street level of the city therefore represents a symbol of connection between our condition and the rest of the world. The playback on the wet banks of the river, a rainy day and the murky waters frame and give expressiveness to the mood of the song. The scenes shot with the body in the earth are then a metaphor for the inability to change this condition and take control of one’s life. Very fast close-ups and details, like small urban still lifes, fragments of life that pass by us without making too much noise.