Ermal Meta surprises the fans: the announcement leaves you speechless, very little is missing

Ermal Meta has ‘blown away’ the fans with a truly incredible announcement: very little is missing.

Ermal Meta is a beloved singer-songwriter. With his music and his beautiful lyrics he always manages to penetrate the heart of the listener. In recent months at the Sanremo 2021 Festival he left everyone speechless. With the song A million things to tell you he finished in third place, behind Fedez with Francesca Michielin and the winners, the Maneskins.

Ermal Meta left an announcement that surprised fans (source getty)

Only a few weeks ago, he was a guest of Amici di Maria De Filippi. The singer dressed the role of judge. The students of the talent performed and Ermal gave a vote, then drafting a classic. He is much loved and followed, and his social channel is also very popular, with over six hundred thousand followers. Right here, he surprised his fans by leaving an incredible announcement: we can not wait!

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Ermal Meta, the announcement leaves you speechless: very little is missing, we can’t wait

Only a few weeks ago, we saw him in the role of judge at Amici. Ermal Meta was the guest of Maria De Filippi and here, he has drawn up a ranking of the singers, after having listened to them.

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He made the students understand that words are important and that these are used to reach the heart of the listener. Just this year, for the artist, there was a great opportunity. At the Sanremo 2021 Festival, he was among the big names. His song A million things to tell you he thrilled everyone, so much so that he managed to position himself in third place, behind Fedez and Francesca Michielin and the winners the Maneskin. As we have mentioned, Ermal, on his instagram channel, has left an incredible announcement a few days ago. What is it about?

Ermal Meta
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Well yes, it’s really going to happen and it’s very close. Friday, this Friday, November 26th, the new song by Ermal Meta, written just a few days ago, comes out, Milan Does Not Exist.I can’t wait for it to be yours “, Ermal writes, accompanying the post, and we can’t wait to hear it!