#EroiOgniGiorno, Neri Marcorè and Lega Filo d’oro for deafblind children

The solidarity sms campaign is underway. To support it, all you need is a call from a landline, a text message to 45514 or visit the websiteeroeognigiorno.it

Matteo, even if he doesn’t see him, today recognizes his dad by the scent, Sveva has learned to say “I love you” to his mother in his own way, Agostino, on the other hand, after spending the first months of his life in the hospital, now goes at school and work to have more and more autonomy. They are the protagonists of the solidarity sms campaign #EveryDay Heroes of the Golden Thread Leaguewith the narrator’s voice Neri Marcorè. For the deafblind children simple actions, such as learning to communicate with mom and dad, walking without support or eating alone, are not taken for granted and represent undertakings that require a lot of commitment. The operators of the Lega del Filo d’Oro, together with the families, work every day to go beyond the darkness and silence in which so many children have lived since birth. To support their little big conquests, just make a call from a landline, send an sms to 45514 or visit the websiteeroeognigiorno.it. (VIDEO)

“Children with deafblindness and multiple psychosensory impairments who arrive at the Lega del Filo d’Oro experience a serious condition of isolation imposed by their complex disability – he says Rossano Bartoli, president of the Lega del Filo d’Oro -. But like everyone, they need to play, to understand how pleasant a hug can be, to perceive that around them there is a world in which they can participate. For them, every simple action requires great effort and commitmentbut with the right and timely support it is possible to guarantee these little heroes a better future, even in the most serious situations, and give them back a dignified life thanks to personalized educational-rehabilitative programs and the recovery of their residual abilities”.

For act promptly and prevent any secondary effects of psychosensory multiple impairment, at the Lega del Filo d’Oro, with children under 4 years of age, we operate through early intervention which lasts three weeks. “Because it is precisely in the early stages of the child’s development that the best answers can be obtained, promptly identifying and valuing the residual potential and abilities”, they explain. Once you get to the Foundation Diagnostic Center, an interdisciplinary team carries out an assessment of each child’s abilities, potential and characteristics and sets up a life plan so that he is able to make the most of every element and every resource at his disposal. At the end of the weeks of stay, a functional diagnosis is returned from which personalized educational-rehabilitative programs are then developed which will continue at home, in collaboration with the family. The treatment will then be repeated periodically.