Eros Ramazzotti announces the concert dates for summer 2023

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Also Eros Ramazzotti is ready to return to the Italian stages with new tour dates that will see him as the protagonist for the next few years. It was the singer-songwriter, who in a few months will become a grandfather, who announced the new appointments, unleashing the joy of the fans who have already started the race for the ticket. It could only be like this, considering that Eros Ramazzotti is a symbol of Italian music of the eighties and nineties and managed to consolidate his image even in the 2000s. He is part of that generation of songwriters who have made history in the last thirty / forty years and who are loved by both parents and children today. Eros Ramazzotti sings of love in all its facets, showing a path of growth and maturation over the years as regards the way in which he has been dealing with the same theme for decades now.

The dates of the summer concerts of Eros Ramazzotti

The Infinite Beat tour by Eros Ramazzotti, in reality, has already left and is carrying the singer-songwriter worldwide. In fact, perhaps not everyone knows that Eros Ramazzotti is one of the most successful Italian singers abroad, as demonstrated by the American concerts of the Roman singer-songwriter, who will be involved in events in North and South America until December. He will resume in February with concerts in Europe, which will obviously lead him to play in Italy as well. As for the summer dates of his tour, Eros Ramazzotti has announced a handful through his Instagram profile and among these there are three new ones at the Ancient Theater of Taorminawhere the singer-songwriter will perform from 3 to 6 Augustwith just one break on the 4th. The other summer dates for Ramazzotti will be in Switzerland and Germany and will keep him busy from mid-July to early August.

The other Italian dates of Eros Ramazzotti’s concerts

The next Italian concert by Eros Ramazzotti is on March 14 at Mediolanum forum of Assago at the gates of Milan, where the singer-songwriter will remain until March 18th. Then it is expected in Turin on March 25, in Florence on April 4, in Rome on April 6 and 7, in Eboli on April 11 and in Jesolo on April 28.