Eros Ramazzotti in concert at the Assago Forum in Milan, the lineup on March 14th

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Eros Ramazzotti And back on tour, taking back the stage and the audience that have given him so much satisfaction in over 4 decades of music. This evening, Tuesday March 14, will take the stage at Forum of Assago at the gates of Milan with a date of his own Infinite Beat World Tour. The pandemic has slowed down, for a period even stopped, music but not passion and Eros Ramazzotti himself demonstrates it. It will be the first of 4 concerts that the Roman singer-songwriter has organized in Milan, included in a very long calendar that will see him travel the world in the coming months, awaiting the birth of his first grandchild, Aurora’s son, with Michelle Hunziker .

Eros Ramazzotti in concert in Milan, the lineup

The Roman singer-songwriter has not made the lineup official Infinite Beat World Tour and, as often happens, there may not be a single lineup for all dates, since Eros Ramazzotti may be able to adapt the release order of the songs according to the location in which he will perform. There will definitely be the alternation between the historical pieces and the more recent ones, since there is certainly no shortage of songs to create a compelling and engaging lineup in Ramazzotti’s repertoire. Based on the previous appointments, the release order of the songs for the Milan concert could be as follows, obviously unless changes and substitutions decided by the artist:

  1. Infinite beat
  2. Loves
  3. There is life
  4. I am
  5. Where there is music
  6. An emotion forever
  7. More than you can
  8. Twin Star
  9. If a song were enough
  10. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  11. I belong to you
  12. Only with you
  13. Every time I breathe
  14. An important story
  15. Promised Land
  16. Fire into fire
  17. Another you
  18. I’m thinking about you
  19. Fable
  20. The best thing

Give concerts Infinite Beat World Tour by Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti’s tour will touch, among other countries, Germany, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Poland. And again, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, and Lithuania. The Italian stagesbeyond Milan, will be Turin, Rome, Florence, Eboli, Jesolo and Taormina.