Escape from Beccaria prison, hunt for the 5 escaped prisoners

Two were tracked down and recaptured within hours. The fire started in the cells by some inmates has been put out

The search for 5 of the 7 prisoners who escaped yesterday from the Beccaria juvenile prison in Milan continues. The escape would have taken place around 4.30 pm, perhaps taking advantage of work that had been going on for some time in the penitentiary or the reduced ranks of the prison police on Christmas day. Two of them were tracked down and picked up within hours. One of the two had reached the home of a relative. Research is underway for the other five.

Gennarino De Fazio, Secretary General of the UILPA Penitentiary Police, denounces that in the hours following the escape “a fire was started and an entire section of four rooms, with twelve inmates, is unusable”. is preparing, with the economic maneuver, to break down the ax of further cuts on the prison world, moreover by also reducing the economic resources destined for the ancillary salary of the Prison Police and fed with the funds from the contract renewals, the failure of the overall management of the penal execution, whether we look at adults or towards so-called minors”, continues the union leader.