ESG themes are growing on social media: Versace, Fincantieri and Poste stand out in September

The results of the monthly focus organized by the ESG Culture LAB of Eikon Strategic Consulting Italia

THE Esg themes they make space on social networks. Both the number of companies publishing and the number of contents published increased in September. The data emerges from the monthly focus by theESG Culture LAB by Eikon Strategic Consulting Italia, in collaboration with Adnkronos, which measures the impact of ESG issues in the social communication of the 300 main Italian companies according to the R&S Mediobanca study. For the month of September, three companies stand out: Versace, Fincantieri and Poste Italiane. Italgas, Snam and UniCredit. Cdp, Enel, Gruppo Hera and Sace are also confirmed among the companies with the greatest engagement.

The main results

In September 2023, 68% of the companies included in the monitoring published ESG content on social networks, in August it was 54%. Sharp increase after the summer ‘pause’ and the break of some companies’ social pages. Of these, 47% published fewer than 5 posts, compared to 61% in August. 1,799 posts on ESG topics were produced, compared to 1,073 in August. There was a clear increase in total user interactions, 339 thousand, compared to the previous month. Content engagement in September 2023 remains stable compared to the previous month, recording a rate of 0.40% for ESG themes. The other themes record an engagement rate of 0.30%.

The topics we talk about most

During the month we can identify important peaks on September 19th, for the relaunch by several companies of posts on initiatives/projects/investments in sustainability/employee well-being, and on September 21st for the relaunch by several companies of posts on renewable energy , electric mobility and energy transition. Of note for the period 16-22 September are the participation of some companies in #mobilityweek which contributes to increasing the number of posts published.

What companies are talking about, area by area

In September 2023, the incidence of E topics is still very high, confirming itself at 70%. The S area grows slightly, rising to 28%. The weight of the G area is still limited with 2% (a figure in line with previous months). The highest engagement rate in September was recorded for S themes which showed a clear increase compared to August. However, the engagement rate values ​​of areas E and G are decreasing.

The most used hashtags

Among the most frequent hashtags #sustainability, #ESG and #sustainability are confirmed. Standing out this month are #energytransition, #energytransition, #mobility and #mobilityweek. #innovation and #green are always widely used. Also notable is #Cernobbio, relaunched thanks to the participation of some companies in the event with ESG initiatives and projects (it takes the place of MeetingRimini which was present in August).

Focus on sectors

Companies in the Banking-Financial and Energy-Oil sectors stand out: 83% of the companies monitored for these two sectors have published posts on ESG topics. Followed by: Pharma (77%), Telco (73%) and Industry & Services (73%), Automotive (72%). The greatest impact of ESG themes on the total social content produced is confirmed for the Energy – Oil sector, with 38%. This is followed by Industry & Services (21%) and Pharma (20%). The highest engagement rate is recorded by the Insurance sector (0.72%), which distances itself from other sectors thanks to the social performance of new projects/initiatives and new institutional campaigns. Followed by Pharma (0.58%) and Transport (0.54%). The ‘E’ is mostly covered by the Energy – Oil sector (87%), Automotive (84%) and Transport (82%); the ‘S’ is mostly covered by the Pharma sector, which reaches as much as 80% of the ESG content produced. Followed at a distance by Media (53%) and Fashion (46%). The Banking-Financial sector is the most relevant for the G area (6%). Coverage of area G by other sectors is limited.

The companies highlighted in September, Versace

The Italian high fashion company stands out this month for its content on the Albies Awards, the recognition of activists “who risk their lives in their fight for justice”. The award was promoted by the Clooney Foundation for Justice – the charity co-founded by the couple George and Amal Clooney and took place at the New York Public Library in the presence of many celebrities (strictly in Versace for the occasion). Following the multi-year partnership between the Versace Foundation and the Clooney Foundation for Justice, Versace announced on social media its support for the Albies as the main partner of the event and the ceremony, “as part of the Versace Foundation’s constant commitment to equity and equality globally”. The award, named after Judge Albie Sachs in honor of her role in the fight against apartheid in South Africa, is held annually, and recognizes prominent figures who have distinguished themselves in seeking justice. Active in around 40 countries, the Foundation for Justice is currently investigating war crimes in Ukraine, monitoring show trials of women and journalists, representing Yazidi women raped and enslaved by ISIS, and supporting survivors in Congo and Sudan.

The companies highlighted in September, Fincantieri

The ship of the future will be increasingly green and digital, and it will also be thanks to Fincantieri. The Italian company, world leader in shipbuilding, will also be able to bring forward the EU’s ‘net zero’ objective to 2035 and contribute to the enabling of new supply chains for the energy transition, starting with offshore wind platforms. Fincantieri also highlights that the sustainable business model “does not just concern the product, but the entire corporate life, and is aimed at creating long-term value for all those involved in its activities”. Through well-structured sustainability governance, a clear definition of material topics and commitments, a risk management system that incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, a strategy integrated with the new 2023-2027 Industrial Plan which sees sustainability as a fundamental pillar”, the Group “is able to manage its business ensuring the protection of all the resources used”. In the 2023-2027 Industrial Plan, we recall, “we have defined the fundamental projects to support growth and innovation, with the aim of becoming a world leader in the creation and management of whole-life digital and green ships for the tourism sectors , defense and energy”. The 2023-2027 Sustainability Plan is an integral part of the strategic vision defined in the Industrial Plan and is aimed at “creating value for all stakeholders, helping to ensure strong resilience and sustainable development of the Group in the long term”.

Companies in the spotlight in September, Poste Italiane

Reconciling work and family is a persistent challenge, especially for women in contemporary society. In Italy, 18% of women between 18 and 49 decide not to re-enter the world of work after motherhood, highlighting the challenges related to motherhood and career. Poste Italiane, in this context, represents “a positive exception”. Currently, 90% of Poste Italiane workers decide to return to work after maternity leave, a “remarkable result that requires attention”. The company has adopted “concrete measures to foster a corporate culture based on respect, diversity and equal opportunities”. Among these policies stand out “the protection and protection of human rights, diversity in administration and control roles, inclusion and, more recently, active support for parenting”. The latter policy places “particular emphasis on supporting mothers in their roles as parents and workers.” To facilitate the return of new mothers to the world of work, the company has launched the experimental project ‘Mums at Work’. It provides a personalized coaching program, designed to facilitate the return of new mothers. The mothers receive support from company coaches for a period of approximately four months, helping them to reaffirm their personal and professional goals, in order to best reconcile the new family needs with the return to company duties. Participation in this program is on a voluntary basis and has been active since December, involving a group of new mothers.

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