eShoppingAdvisor, the first online digital shopping guide for SMEs made in Italy

16,000 eCommerce sites, 15 million products and 2 and a half million reviews: these are the numbers of a portal that accompanies users and businesses in their sale and purchase, with maximum transparency and security.

The first digital guide to online shopping by eShoppingAdvisor has been completed and is available to all users in its latest release: a public and independent portal that allows you to search, find and review the best eCommerce also on a vast range of merchandise products high quality and made in Italy.

EShoppingAdvisor is proposed as a real strategic tool available to eCommerce to verify the opinion of their customers and to increase their visibility and credibility, but it is also a place designed for end users, who will be able to direct their purchases thanks to an in-depth system of thematic and sector filters. All while guaranteeing a user experience of maximum effectiveness and, above all, in total safety.

THE NUMBERS OF ESHOPPINGADVISOR – The numbers are there to testify to the results of the eShoppingAdvisor guide: over 7500 registered eCommerce, 16000 eCommerce with products for sale, of which over 10,000 already evaluated, for a total of 15 million products present on the search engine, while there are approximately 2 and a half million reviews hosted by the platform.

QUALITY AND RELIABILITY MADE IN ITALY – What makes Esa’s guide unique in the online shopping panorama is its peculiar ability to give voice to small and medium-sized enterprises often overlooked by large platforms, enhancing the many Made in Italy excellences present in the area and guaranteeing quality research. Quality that translates into reliability and sustainability, the keywords of eShoppingAdvisor.

THE CATEGORIES – Esa’s guide allows you to easily filter millions of products across 12 primary categories (from clothing to home, from sports to DIY, to leisure) and a much larger number of sub-categories, with a particular focus on products of niche and quality that the “big” of the market tend to snub.

RELIABILITY INDEX – Each eCommerce surveyed is associated with a “reliability index”, i.e. a rating that expresses the percentage of risk to proceed with a purchase on the specific eCommerce. In fact, the system interrogates the eCommerceSicuro tool, based on an algorithm designed by eShoppingAdvisor which evaluates the quality of a website, taking numerous aspects into account. This algorithm continuously updates to determine how trustworthy a site is and uses 14 tech metrics, including the presence of a valid SSL certificate and the absence of malicious or malicious code on the site.

“ECOMMERCE WITH A HUMAN FACE” – “We believe in a safer and more sustainable eCommerce, as well as support for the real economy” explains Andrea Carboni, CEO and founder of eShoppingAdvisor. “On this premise we have based our entire strategic vision: on the one hand to allow companies of all sizes to access advanced digital tools and services, with the aim of guaranteeing a more balanced and respectful eCommerce for consumers, and on the other reward what I call “eCommerce with a human face”, i.e. those numerous small and medium-sized businesses often rooted in Italy that are struggling to emerge and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. For this reason we have chosen to exclude the big names from our portal ‘online and the large Marketplaces. The idea is, in fact, to create a digital bridge between the online market and the real economy, favoring a relationship of cooperation instead of competition”.