Esselunga and the new ‘fishing’ commercial, politics is divided

Meloni and Salvini like the commercial. Fratoianni: “Fishing is a luxury”

The new Esselunga commercial ‘La Pesca’ is causing discussion on social media. It is a small two-minute short film starring a little girl and two separated parents. The advert, which bounced around social media, fueled a debate that extended to politics. The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni this morning, with a post on Facebook, she intervened by writing: “I find it very beautiful and touching”.

Matteo Salvini appreciated it. Carlo Calenda invited us to focus on other themes. Nicola Fratoianni attacked by asking Meloni to comment on the growth in prices, with fishing now a ‘luxury good’.

Matteo Salvini

“Giving voice to the many separated parents, to those mothers and fathers who are almost never mentioned and often too forgotten, to the indissoluble bond with their children. Transforming an advert into a splendid message of Love and Family deserves only smiles. How can some people insult it and mock it just because it doesn’t narrate the “model” that they would like?”, writes Matteo Salvini, leader of the League and deputy prime minister, on

Pier Luigi Bersani and Nicola Fratoianni

It seems really wrong to me, in this and other cases, to involve the suffering of children on sensitive issues for commercial purposes“, writes Pier Luigi Bersani on Twitter. “President Giorgia Meloni, I see that you comment on the commercial of a well-known supermarket chain but that you don’t even say a word about the shopping carts of millions of Italians, separated or otherwise. For them even a peach risks becoming a luxury. Italy awaits answers”, is the position of Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left on Twitter.

Alessandra Mussolini

“For the first time on television, an advert that does not depict a stereotype but represents the real discomfort of a moment. It happens in all families. It’s a snapshot of a state of mind”, Forza Italia-EPP MEP Alessandra Mussolini tells Adnkronos about the Esselunga advertisement. “Let’s look at the little girl: we know that it’s them, the children, who often feel guilty of the separation of their parents, and act as intermediaries: mum make peace with dad, dad make peace with mum… In short – he concludes – it is perhaps a controversial advert, but it makes you think because it captures a moment in people’s real lives. I didn’t mind.”

Carlo Calenda ‘irritated’

In the debate, Carlo Calenda’s irritation stands out. “Today the wheel of Italian politics’ waste of time stopped on the box… Esselunga commercial. What does that commercial tell us?! Nothing. Except that in Esselunga they really know how to do their job. Now there would be the problem of healthcare… not there is the commercial but there are waiting lists. Ps. We are a bunch of brainless people and we deserve extinction”, writes the leader of Action on X.

Giovanni Toti

I like”, writes the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti on his social media, publishing the latest Esselunga commercial which has generated controversy in recent hours.

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