Esselunga, Giorgia Meloni on the controversy of the commercial: “I find it very beautiful and touching”

The Prime Minister in reference to the advertisement in which a little girl tries to bring her separated parents back together

“I read that this advert would have generated various controversies and protests. I find it very beautiful and touching.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote this on Facebook in reference to the Esselunga commercial in which a little girl tries to bring her separated parents back together.

The Esselunga commercial

“There is no expense that is not important.” This is the message of the latest Esselunga commercial that is causing discussion on social media. It is a small two-minute short film entitled ‘La Pesca’ starring a little girl and two separated parents. A choice that made the hashtag with the name of the Caprotti supermarket pop among the search trends on X.

The little girl, at the supermarket with her mother, runs away to choose a peach very carefully. She then returns home where, later, her father comes to pick her up. When the little girl gets into the car with her father, she gives him her fruit, pretending that it was her mother who bought the peach for him, with the intention of making them reconcile.

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