Etta: “I am crazy and seductive and I learn from the past to live the future”

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Restless and irreverent Ettastage name of Maria Antonietta Di Marco, great protagonist of X Factor 2021 (WATCH THE SPECIAL) and winner of Area Sanremo, with this new Ep she definitively abandons hip hop and catchy sounds and throws herself headlong with power and arrogance into the world of rock. Five tracks in which electronics, distorted guitars, dirty and sharp basses with exaggerated drums, drum machines and a pungent singing, bordering on annoying, coexist. Stress it moves between punk, funk, pop and nu metal sounds and is contaminated, in some of its parts, with Spanish rhythms, electronics and Middle Eastern sounds.

Marie Antonietta let’s start from the history of the album and how you worked on it starting from the fact that Stress it also marks a musical turning point.

It was born last year in the covid phase, there was a difficulty that even on a cultural level prompted us to be more rebellious. It comes from my need to communicate something new compared to my previous path. It was born randomly because I wanted to do something in a group and I wrote a piece to do it with a band. So I started creating a rock piece, then I sent it to V-Rus, my producer, who returned it to me finished in two hours. There was immediately a great understanding and a great synergy. Now everything is in progress, in a growing climax of emotions and ideas.
B4 it’s not just a song it’s also a revenge: is this why it opens the album, like a message of identity?

It’s goodbye to the past, goodbye to my ex self and all. I don’t deny anything that has been but I set aside to look forward.
Was it difficult to become superior to the ethics of those who judge?

It’s a natural process, I’m too intolerant of discrimination and what tends to define a person. I have a natural instinct to rebel.
Your parents’ limbo season is over, isn’t it?

In reality it never ends because it is always renewed. We always live in limbo, what matters are the choices that lead towards the future. It’s why I don’t deny the past but use it to grow.
Your initial laugh reminded me of Stephen King’s Pennywise…a bit seductive and a bit sadistic.

Absolutely. I often put laughter because it is my hallmark. No self-quotation as is used these days, and laughter identifies me. In life I am not sadistic but quite crazy and seductive.
In the passages I notice the recurrence of the concept of coming back… coming back… which I think goes beyond the physical concept, I think it has a deeper value, like a journey inside you: is that right?

Yes, and it’s always linked to the past and the comebacks of certain moments because you have different awareness of how to live them: you learn from mistakes and hope that the tools are sufficient to better manage certain comebacks.
Have you thought about your reaction if one day your daughter, or one of her friends, dedicated a song to you like F*** your mama?

I would be sad about that. You don’t have to take the place of another person. Mom is always there, she’s not someone she runs away from. The main thing is not to oppress the child. It is a matter of complicity.
I like you is very irreverent and ironic: what do you like about yourself and what would you change?

My dream is to always eat and never get fat. Physically nothing. Temperamentally nothing there too because I am constantly changing. I want to preserve my being while respecting the values ​​of society. perhaps I would like more strength, in this life you need a lot.
To weigh the time you’ll be with me because I’ve never done it: is a beautiful phrase of love. What relationship do you have with time? Can you dominate it or do you get lost in it?

The daily routine pushes us not to enjoy the moment. When you lose someone or something you think about how all the time you were rushed and distracted by something else you didn’t enjoy it.
If you had to define the concept of love, what would you say?

It’s life, it pushes us to live regardless of whether it’s beautiful, sad, destructive or constructive. We live for him.
What is the piece of clothing that takes up the most space in your closet?

T-shits and hats. Based on the mood I choose the color to wear.
A few days before the holidays, what level of stress are you at?

Most High. Can’t wait for January 7th. Holidays mean choosing who to be with, time must be divided between the various affections and this makes me sad. I live in Abruzzo in a town of 200 inhabitants, I will go back to Naples and I will split up.
What will happen in the first months of 2023?

The tour had already started in June, before it came out Stressand soon it will start again by including new songs in the lineup.