EU approves 1 billion euro plan to supply missiles and ammunition to Ukraine

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The Ukrainian armed forces will be supported by “munitions and missiles” financed with one billion euros from the Epf, the European Peace Facility (WAR IN UKRAINE, LIVE UPDATES). The official decision was announced by the Swedish presidency, which announced that the ambassadors of the 27 member states had given the green light to the measure. This is what is called the “second pillar” of the European ammunition plan, which provides for joint purchases through the Defense Agency (EDA) – or a consortium of member countries – both for the needs of the member states and for supplies in Kiev. However, the one billion euros from the EPF goes only to the ammunition that will be supplied to Ukraine.

Von der Leyen: “We support Ukraine and its people as long as necessary”

Before the definitive confirmation arrived, the president of the EU Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, had spoken of a European plan to produce one million ammunition a year, which would help “supply more ammunition to Ukraine to defend its citizens ” and together with strengthening “also our European defense capabilities”. Brussels, he added, thus keeps its promise “to support Ukraine and its people, for as long as necessary”, because “the brave Ukrainian soldiers need sufficient military equipment to defend their country”. Europe – von der Leyen had always recalled – in fact he supports Kiev in three different ways: with the supply of military munitions from its own stocks; with the one billion euro approved today specifically for Ukraine and with what will become “the third pillar”, i.e. the increase and acceleration in the “industrial production of defense munitions in Europe”.