EU Commission approves Pnrr revision: 66 reforms and 150 investments in the new Plan

The European executive made the announcement. The Italian Plan now includes seven more reforms than the original version and is worth 194.4 billion euros. Meloni: “Another 21 billion for growth”

A positive assessment has arrived from the European Commission of Italy’s modified Recovery and Resilience Plan, which includes a RePowerEU chapter: it now has a value of 194.4 billion euros and covers 66 reforms, seven more than the original plan, and 150 investments. The announcement was made by the European executive itself. Prime Minister Meloni underlines that the government is now making “another 21 billion euros” available for “Italian economic growth”, in practice “a second economic maneuver”.

Strengthen key reforms

“The measures aim to strengthen key reforms in areas such as justice, public procurement and competition law. A series of new or enhanced investments then aims to promote Italy’s competitiveness and resilience, as well as promote the green and digital transition. These investments concern sectors such as renewable energy, green supply chains and railways,” explains the Commission in its assessments.

Meloni and the remodeling of the plan

Meanwhile, according to what we learn, Meloni told the employers’ associations during the meeting at Palazzo Chigi today that many of the measures aimed at growth, infrastructure and support of the productive fabric “have been contemplated in the reformulated interventions of the Pnrr” and not in the Budget Law which is “by necessity serious, responsible”. These are resources “the result of the remodulation of the plan with a view to increasing efficiency”.

Lollobrigida: “Pnrr funds for agriculture doubled”

The Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, also spoke on the topic, announcing that he had “doubled the Pnrr funds for agriculture, going from 3.6 billion to practically double, on agricultural and on the production chains that guarantee these products. It will be very relevant news that will meet the interest of the world of associations, of the territory and of the offer also available to tourism”.