EU directive on green houses, Timmermans on Sky TG24: “I ask the Italian government to talk to us”

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“I ask the Italian government to talk to us. Let’s not make statements without knowing exactly what we want to do. Let’s talk to each other. I want to adapt our programs to the Italian reality. Because, if we manage to help people have more modern houses, bills they will be lower.” These are the words of the vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, on Sky TG24, on the EU directive on green houses and on the contrary position of the Italian government.

“Our interest that Ukraine does not lose the war”

Then a passage also on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev: “It is in our interest that Ukraine does not lose this war”. “We have a responsibility to help this country which is under attack”, explains Timmermans. “We have also heard the statements about the Italian defense minister”, Guido Crosetto, on whom the brigade of Russian mercenaries Wagner has put a bounty: “It is unacceptable “, he claims.

On the issue of migrants “we must be in solidarity with Italy”

While on the issue of migrants, Timmermans explained: “In Europe we are making progress, there is more trust than before, even among the Member States. We must show solidarity with Italy, just as Italy must show solidarity with the rest of the ‘Europe”. “I know with certainty that the other EU countries are ready to show their solidarity” with Italy. But we also need “relations with third countries, we must have agreements for them to take back their citizens”.