EU funds, Italy risks losing 20 billion

They must be spent by December 31, 2023

AND’ at risk a large part of the 19.8 billion euros that Brussels has made available to us for at least nine years. This is the warning from the Cgia Research Office in Mestre regarding the European cohesion funds made available to our country in the period 2014-2020, totaling 64.8 billion euros, of which 17 from national co-financing.

The total expenditure certified by Brussels as of 31 December was 35 billion, equal to 54% of the total amount which also includes the share that Italy had to bear. Therefore, by 31 December 2023, the deadline for implementing this seven-year period, we must spend the remaining 29.8 billion (equal to 46%), of which 10 are from national co-financing and therefore if we fail to achieve this objective, the share of unused EU funds will be lost. The CGIA also points out that of the 19.8 billion euros of European resources that we must “ground” by the end of this year, 15.3 are in the hands of the central state (Projects Pon, Fesr and Fse) and 4, 6 to the regions.

The the regional administrations most in difficulty, however, are those of the South. By the end of 2023, on pain of losing resources, Puglia must spend another 335 million euros, Calabria 616 million, Campania 1.27 billion and Sicily even 1.45 billion. Basically, as of 31 December last year, the percentage of expenditure realized on the total to be received was only 65.5 per cent in Calabria, 65.7 per cent in Campania and 64 per cent in Sicily.

As expected, Pnrr funds are also at risk. While awaiting the presentation of the new state of progress by Italy Tomorrow, according to the Update Note to the Def (Nadef), presented on 27 September last, by 31 December 2022 we should have spent 20.5 billion euros, practically half of the 41.4 billion initially envisaged by the Def. In this case, the increase in the cost of materials that occurred in the last year has greatly slowed down the construction of many public works, causing many of the objectives set by the Pnrr to “jump”.