EU, Meloni in Warsaw: “Shared positions on almost all issues”

The prime minister: “With Morawiecki, one look is really enough for us to know that our position will be a shared one”

With the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “in almost all, or in all, of the issues that we find ourselves facing at the level of the European Council, a glance is really enough for us to know that our position will be a shared position, on so many matters that we are facing today involve in a time of crisis, in which we must be able to live up to the story, which is calling us”. He says it the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in Warsawat the end of the bilateral meeting with the Polish colleague at the Palace on the Waters, at Parc Lazienki in the southern area of ​​the Polish capital.

for theEU the theme of “strategic autonomy” must return “central”, also in the “defense” sector, underlines the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine, he continues, “brings with it a domino of consequences, which Europe must also have the ability to evaluate and consider. To which it must be able to offer effective responses: I am thinking of the issue of strategic autonomy “. “We woke up, with the pandemic before and with the war after, and we realized – continues Meloni – that Europe no longer controlled a large part of its fundamental supply chains, and that it had not worked on this enough to guarantee its independence, its autonomy, its ability to be the master of its own destiny.Today the issue of competitiveness, the issue of European industry, the question of strategic autonomy, also in terms of defence, must return to the fore. , when they become central again, they obviously also need rules that are adequate for that strategic choice”, he says.

The EU is moving “towards the revision of economic governance, the stability and growth pact. Obviously, from our point of view, it must go above all in support of growth”, he continued at the end of the bilateral meeting.

“Because, if growth is not supported – continues Meloni – it becomes impossible to guarantee stability, particularly for those nations that are more indebted. And when the economic governance of the European Union is being discussed, one cannot ignore of the strategic choices that Europe makes. If Europe makes the strategic choice of the green transition, if it makes the strategic choice of the digital transition, if it makes the same strategic choice of strengthening its defence, then it cannot fail to consider in its governance the value of the investments that nations make in these great goals”. It is, he continues, “another matter on which Italy and Poland are absolutely on the same side, as well as on the flexibility in the use of existing funds, which serves to balance, without creating imbalances in the internal market, the choices that have been made on the easing of state aid rules”.

also on theUkraine “the Italian position and the Polish position are substantially identical. We are on the side of Ukraine, we are on the side of the defense of the freedom of a people who are astounding the world to defend their freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity against a “aggression that we cannot accept”, underlines the premier.

“We will do everything we can to prevent” the Russians from prevailing, “and this means that we will continue to stand by Ukraine as long as necessary, supporting it 360 degrees. This also applies to the next summit in Vilnius, the summit of NATO, in which we are in agreement, here too in complete agreement, with Poland on the need for real security guarantees for Ukraine. Also because offering real security guarantees to Ukraine is also the fundamental condition for obtaining tomorrow a just and lasting peace,” he explains.