EU, Roberto Viola on Sky TG24: AI is a useful tool, but it must be regulated

Interviewed on Sky TG24, Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technologies) at the European Commission, spoke of artificial intelligence, following the words of Geoffrey Hinton, godfather of the AI, who announced his resignation from Google fearing for the future of this technology.

“Human creativity something unique”

“I asked ChatGpt what it means to be or not to be – declared Viola – the answer he gave me is a good topic of philosophy, but he is not a philosopher, human creativity is still something unique. We need artificial intelligence “because it means safer cars, better healthcare, but it certainly needs to be regulated. For this reason, Europe was right to want to limit the risks”, said the director of DG CONNECT. Then on the dangers foreseen by Hinton: “Artificial intelligence can certainly be wrong, it is a machine, it depends on what initial data it has been provided. If it looks at medical images that are not good, artificial intelligence will be wrong. This is why the approach European Union is working in this direction: verifying what data is supplied to the machine, how the algorithm works and the probability of error.It is necessary to know the risks in order to understand and predict them, but at the same time use artificial intelligence, which perhaps, in this period, we should call it augmented intelligence”.

“The Web’s Most Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence”

Viola again: “We don’t know if and when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, but let’s agree on what intelligence means, we will be faced with more sentient, logical, rapid machines, this shouldn’t scare us. Already today machines know calculate better than us, they are quicker to operate the controls of an airplane, they make flight safer and calculations more reliable.So let’s rely on artificial intelligence but we know the risks, let’s try to know, understand and anticipate them, so that man is always in control”. Will AI be as revolutionary as the web has been? “Maybe even more, because the web doesn’t drive a car safely, AI will, the web helps doctors but artificial intelligence will work with doctors to avoid any health errors. We must be happy to live this era of change, but it is essential to know the risks and regulate them”.