EU, Tajani: “EPP? Never alliances with parties like Afd and Le Pen, different League”

The Foreign Minister: “They don’t believe in Europe, how do you get a majority with them?”

“Europe is different from Italy, there are political families that bring together several parties from different nations. We are part of the family of the European People’s Party to which Silvio Berlusconi held dearly and the European People’s Party will never ally itself with anti-European parties. How do you govern Europe together with two parties which are Alternative fur Deutschland, which has worrying streaks in Germany, and Marine Le Pen, which are de facto anti-NATO parties, with less than idyllic relations with the United States, rather oriented instead to support Russia? They don’t believe in Europe, how do you get a majority with them?” She stated it the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italiahost of ‘Morning news’ on Canale 5.

Different is Salvini, the League -added the deputy prime minister- it is our party allied in Italy and we are ready to make alliances with the League in Europe as well, but the only possible reality, the only possible coalition to defeat the left in Europe is the one made up of the European People’s Party, the Conservatives and the Free them. Did this alliance ever come about? Yes, it happened in 2017, when I was elected president of the European Parliament by defeating the candidate of the left”.

“This – concluded Tajani- it is the only coalition to govern Europe in a system of alternation, with the left on one side and the centre-right on the other. The League can very well participate in this alliance but Le Pen cannot and Alternative fur Deutschland cannotbecause nobody wants them, this is the truth, it’s not a whim, it’s not an individual choice, nobody wants them because they are anti-European and it would be a nonsense to put someone who wants to destroy Europe in charge of Europe”.