Eugenia Rigotti new tronista of Men and Women? It happened just in these hours: unbelievable!

Eugenia Rigotti new and next tronista of Men and Women? What has happened in the last few hours is incredible, look here!

It’s time for Men and Women to make choices! And, after the sudden one of Matteo Fioravanti and the ‘unmasking’ of Joele Milan, it would seem that Roberta and Andrea Nicole are also very close to their decision. Who will the choices of the two tronista fall on? Who knows: we’ll find out very soon! In the meantime, however, there are rumors on the web that a brunette tronista well known by the Italian public is about to arrive.

Men and women, is Eugenia the new tronista? What emerged. Photo source: Video mediaset

For tronists who leave Men and Women, there are always new ones who take their place and try to find love. We have seen this, for example, with the young Matthew. Former suitor of men and women and of Sophie Codegoni, current competitor of the GF, the young Genoese had the opportunity to return to the program. And to find his soul mate. Apparently, however, it would seem that it is by no means the only one. From what we learn from Il vicolo delle news, in fact, it would seem that a new and very young girl is on the way, ready to get involved. At the moment, we don’t know his identity. According to the public, however, it could be Eugenia Rigotti, ex suitor of Massimiliano Mollicone. There. The young girl, then, might just be there new tronista? Let’s find out what happened in these hours.

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Men and women, is the new tronista really Eugenia Rigotti?

The idenkit of the possible new tronista of Men and women it made many viewers of the program think of a single name: Eugenia Rigotti. Do you remember his path in the program during the throne of Massimiliano Mollicone? Without a doubt, yes! Frank, sincere and spontaneous, the very young suitor had won everyone’s sympathy. It is precisely for this reason that the expression ‘much loved by the public’ immediately made one think of her.

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What do we know, however, about this rumor? It will be Eugenia, therefore, the new tronista of Men and Women? At the moment, we don’t have a lot of information to give you. What we can tell you, however, is that we have asked our readers if Eugenia’s return might be to their liking. And this social question of ours has been answered in many. Here are some results:

Eugenia new tronista
Photo Source: Facebook
Eugenia new tronista
Photo Source: Facebook

As you can see, then, the audience was largely divided. On the one hand, in fact, there are people who would not want Eugenia on the throne. And others, on the other hand, do! Which side do you take? Let us know!