Eugenio Picchiani, hope always passes through an Alleluia: the video

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“Hallelujah” is a message of spirituality and hope that enhances the unity and strength of the whole, making them turn positive and allowing even the unsurpassable to be overcome. In this moment when all seems lost, the repetition of the word Alleluia several times is like an echo that whispers in our ear, the guiding voice that leads us to trust and to shout it to the whole world (reconnecting it to one of the sentences of the text ” this world cries out Hallelujah”). The video clip highlights how essential wealth is in each of us and in what surrounds us, always extending a hand to those who need it most in respect and balance of universal laws. This passage is very particular compared to all those I have written previously. It comes from a dream I had: something made me perceive the harmonies and sounds, then as if by magic everything turned into reality. Even if reality is sometimes harder than dreams, my invitation is to have more faith in others, in ourselves and in our beloved Mother Earth.

For the video of the song, the location could only be Umbria, a suggestive and perfect land for communicating the message of the piece to everyone: a village surrounded by nature where you can breathe the values ​​of simplicity and beauty. But also an inner peace that today as never before we seek more firmly, after the terrible years of the pandemic in which we were all lost and without a guide to lead us out of that hell. From one moment to the next we found ourselves no longer embracing and kissing, our faces unrecognizable, dictated by the fatigue of this torture. As I say in the song “we must not take everything for granted”. Apparently, that of the song is a complex text, but in reality it is easy to recognize the value of love as the key to unity among all of us. In fact, love is the force that unites us, the one that makes us reach out to those who need it most, in respect and in the balance of universal laws: in this sense, the traditional Italian pop sound, in my opinion , perfectly accompanies the message of the song.

Many artists participated, including the Melodia di Tordibetto choir from the province of Assisi directed by Sergio Lepidio: a choral and instrumental ensemble made up of a group of young boys who enriched the piece with their voices, returning that echo to which I referred to earlier. Recording this song in a wonderful village that instills peace and energy was exciting; the singers, like all the actors featured in the video, were able to fully understand my message, interpreting not only a harmonious union of voices, but a song that comes from the heart. Let’s remember that simple things are the ones that lead you to happiness and that love always generates love, the term Hallelujah is an abandoned word but since ancient times it means joy. Thanks also go to the actors featured in the video: Riccardo Frezza, Fabiola Morabito and Massimo Zamponi, to the coordinator Francesca Piggianelli and to all those who took part in the project with art, dedication and passion.