Euro 2024, qualifiers: Donnarumma starts for Italy-Ukraine

The confirmation of coach Spalletti, the match tomorrow in Milan

In the match for the Euro 2024 qualifiers, “Donnarumma will be the starter”. Luciano Spalletti confirms Gianluigi Donnarumma in goal in tomorrow evening’s delicate match in Milan which pits Italy against Ukraine.

“The goalkeeper always pays dearly for everything – underlines the Italian coach in the press conference -. He is not forgiven for being a prodigy who forges ahead because he is given this talent, this quality. It’s all quite normal, you can make mistakes mistakes if we can talk about mistakes and then stronger stances are taken towards someone. Prodigies must have respect for the talent that has been given to them because then it must be improved with commitment, only then does it become more difficult for those watching you to hit you If you don’t work on talent, then it becomes presumption. Because by working on it, it means that he doesn’t trivialize what has been given to him and inspires even more respect in others.”

“I didn’t have time to call everyone but I called him. And it doesn’t seem like he said that to me… in fact he told me that he was very pleased to have received this call and that he wanted to lend a hand, even if going to play far away. Even Bonucci told me the same thing, he also wants to be of help to the national team. That’s how everyone I called responded to me”, continues Spalletti regarding the team’s indiscretion of Marco’s refusal Verratti at the call-up in blue.