Europa League, Roma-Feyenoord 4-1: Giallorossi in the semifinals

They will face Bayer Leverkusen

Roma reach the semifinals of a European cup for the third year in a row. The Giallorossi overturned the 1-0 defeat suffered in the Netherlands against Feyenoord by winning the second leg at the Olimpico 4-1 after extra time. To save the capitolini one minute from the end of regular time, it is ‘Joya’ Dybala, who signs the 2-1 goal that keeps her team alive which then spreads into extra time.

In the first half Roma try to play the game, in particular with Belotti, who engages in a good challenge with the opposing defenders, Spinazzola who on his side often manages to jump the man and reach the goal and Pellegrini who goes close to scoring since immediately. The Dutch didn’t stand by and Rui Patricio made a couple of important saves. At the start of the second half Pellegrini hits the crossbar from close range. On the rebound Bijlow perhaps involuntarily touches it, but avoiding the draw. In the 15th minute the game unlocks in a very daring way: a throw-in that becomes a sort of corner, with Belotti extending it and Pellegrini waging war to keep the ball a few meters from the line. Hancko tries to send it away but Cristante makes the postponement dirty, Spinazzola – with a deflection from Jahanbakhsh – sends it to the corner for 1-0.

Almost head down, Rome even tries to double in several circumstances. Mourinho keeps Dybala and Abraham on the bench thinking about a possible extension of the times, with extra time. Eighteen from the end of the match, both enter, with El Shaarawy playing as a winger in midfield to allow the Argentine to play behind the striker. The problem is that Chris Smalling also gets hurt, inserting Celik and effectively losing Mourinho’s favorite form. The consequence is Szymanski’s cross, with the rev counter, which catches Igor Paixao in the middle of the area alone, for the 1-1 goal that would eliminate Roma.

The finale is an assault on the white weapon, with the Giallorossi finding the 2-1, providential, with a Veronica from Dybala who manages to evade the opposing defender and send it diagonally to the other side. Shortly after Dybala also tries the 3-1, but Bijlow puts his fists on it. We go into extra time, with Mourinho who may have another substitution after the injuries of Wijnaldum and Smalling. The first opportunity, however, is for Feyenoord, with Santi Gimenez who sends high from a few steps away. Shortly after it is Ibanez, on a cross from Dybala, who sends his header into the top corner, hitting the fourth wood between the round trip.

In the 101st minute, Roma find the 3-1: Dybala serves Pellegrini, the captain waits a fraction of a second to pocket towards Abraham who, for his part, has the lucidity to hit El Shaarawy who signs the 3- 1 which brings Mourinho’s men forward for the first time between round trips. Pellegrini also scored the fourth goal in the second extra fraction, with the Var helping the referee who had whistled a millimeter offside which, in reality, was not there. In the final, Santi Gimenez, center forward of Feyenoord, was also sent off. The Giallorossi reach the semifinals where they will play against Bayer Leverkusen.