Europa League, Slavia Prague fans attack policemen: 6 injured in Rome

Firecrackers and smoke bombs lit near the Viminale police station: 4 arrests for resistance and violence against a public official

In the afternoon, a group of about ten Slavia Prague fans, in Rome for the Europa League match against the Giallorossi, lit firecrackers and smoke bombs near the Viminale police station. When the police officers intervened to block and identify them, the fans had a violent reaction: six officers were injured. For four Slavia fans, however, thearrest for resisting and violence against a public official.

The wide-ranging public order services set up throughout the city center made it possible to prevent hundreds of fans from creating problems around the archaeological area of ​​the Colosseum. The fans were in fact channeled towards the shuttles and taken to the Olympic Stadium safely.