Europe is putting pressure on Apple to open up competition on iOS

Apple’s monopoly on the App Store is called into question and compliance with the European Digital Markets Act is called for

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market of the European Union, would have urged Apple CEO Tim Cook to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union and allow access to its software and hardware to other operators in the sector. Breton made the comments to Reuters after a meeting with Cook, stressing that the iPhone maker and other tech giants would have to “open the door to competition” under the recent DMA legislation. What is being called into question is the monopoly position of Apple, which with its Store is the only one authorized to distribute programs for iOS-based smartphones and tablets. Breton met with Cook in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the regulation, which aims to promote fair competition between major online platform providers.

Earlier this month, the European Commission identified Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, ByteDance, Microsoft and Meta Platforms as “gatekeepers” and required the companies to submit a detailed compliance report by March 2024, explaining how they intend to comply with the DMA . The DMA includes rules for the six companies, designed to prevent users from deleting pre-installed software or apps on their devices and from tracking users to promote targeted ads without their consent. Breton also rejected Apple’s claims that it cited privacy and security concerns as reasons behind its closed approach to hardware and software, saying the EU “fosters innovation without compromising security and privacy “. On his social media account