European capitals covered with photos of hostages Israel: “Muslims push for release”

The idea is to raise awareness among Islamic communities so that they can press for their release

Hundreds of volunteers are plastering the streets of European capitals with the faces of the men, women and children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on Saturday. The idea, which was born in New York and has spread to London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid, is to raise awareness among Islamic communities so that they, in turn, put pressure to free the Israeli hostages and thus avoid a war that appears imminent.

The volunteers in London – we read in the ‘Jewish News’ – gather in an agreed place and are assigned areas of the capital where they will post hundreds of leaflets. In each there is a photo of a hostage with the name and the words “Kidnapped”. For example, there is that of Raz, four years old, or Aviv, two years old, both Israeli and both – we read – “kidnapped from their homes by Hamas”.

The volunteers, ‘Jewish News’ specifies, were pleasantly surprised by the response of the population. In an area where dozens of flyers were posted, two police officers approached but, instead of asking for them to be removed, took the time to examine the images.