European elections, Meloni: “Am I a candidate? 50% chance”

The Prime Minister at the Fourth Republic: “I haven’t decided, I think I will decide at the last minute, when the lists are formed”. On the EU mission in the Red Sea: “It is defense, Italy is there and is serious and responsible”

It doesn’t untie the knot on Giorgia Meloni’s candidacy for the European elections. “What are the chances that I will apply? At 50%, but really that’s all that interests you…”, says the prime minister interviewed by Quarta Repubblica on Rete4. Then she explains: “I haven’t decided, I think I’ll decide at the last minute, when the lists are formed. Imagine if I don’t consider it important to compete with the consensus of the citizens” because that “is the only element that matters to me. It’s not a joke.” “Citizens who were to vote for a Meloni who is running for office in Europe know that she won’t go there”, “for me it could be important to check if I still have that consensus”.

Mission to the Red Sea

Speaking about the EU mission in the Red Sea, Prime Minister Meloni explains that “it is mainly a defense policy. We know what is happening in the Red Sea, we know its importance: 15% of world trade passes through there” and “preventing the passage of products from there means a disproportionate increase in prices. Therefore we cannot accept the threat that comes from the Houthis in the Red Sea. Italy has always supported the defense of freedom of navigation, we do so within the scope of our regulations”. Meloni recalls that for “the European defense mission must not pass through Parliament” but for the US initiative ” yes, it would have meant a parliamentary step. But Italy is there, it is serious and assumes its responsibilities and I think it shows from 360 degrees. It also means doing it seriously.”

Stability pact

Regarding the Stability Pact, the Prime Minister underlines: “It’s not my ideal compromise but it was the best possible compromise. The alternative was to return to the old parameters, which were decidedly worse. There are countries in Europe that prefer the previous parameters because they are more rigid. Look, someone in Europe preferred the previous parameters and worked to break the bank.” As for the collaborative work with French President Emmanuel Macron, “I think we could have done a little more together there”, says Meloni.


On the privatizations that the government intends to carry out, “I read a front page of La Repubblica which said: ‘Italy is for sale’. Now, frankly, that this accusation comes to me from the newspaper owned by those who took Fiat and sold it to the French, transferred the registered office and tax office abroad, put the sites of our historic Italian companies up for sale, I don’t I know if the title was an autobiography. But no lessons on the protection of Italianness from these pulpits”, says the prime minister in a passage of the interview.

Extra profits tax

Then the banks. “Since we launched this tax” on banks’ extra profits “to date, the rates recognized on deposits have increased by 50% for businesses and 25% for families and credit has increased. It means that something good too he did it”, underlines the Prime Minister. “No one had had the courage to get involved in this sector – claims the Prime Minister – but for me this is also right-wing: don’t look anyone in the face, when something is right you just do it”.

Super bonus

During the interview comes the thrust on the superbonus. “It started from an acceptable principle, but the problem is how it was done. Because, net of the fact that we found ourselves with a 140 billion euro hole for all these bonuses, net of the fact that with the issue of the transfer of credits we favored banks, intermediaries, who bought back those credits at 30%, the rule is so poorly written – says the prime minister – which turned out to be the biggest scam against the Italian state in history, for the billions of euros of scams that are coming out. It’s something that has never been seen before on a single measure.”

Ferragni case

The words about Ferragni? “I was sorry that they were read as a clash, I was actually saying something positive towards the people who produce excellence, which we see through influencers and we give more weight to those who ‘wear’ it, compared to those produces it,” says Meloni. “It’s the left that has shown itself there too I wouldn’t even have attacked Che Guevara, as I said in the end-of-year conference. They are the ones who created the caseI didn’t want to create a case”, underlines the prime minister.