European exchanges in red today. Spread BTP-Bund rises to over 230 points

European markets in difficulty at the start of the session. The decline in Piazza Affari widens (Ftse Mib -1.2% to 21,612 points). London closed for public holidays. The Italian annual yield is up by 13.4 points, rising to 3.81%

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European stocks weak at the start of the week. Bad Paris (-1.22%),

slightly preceded by Madrid and Frankfurt (-1.15% for both), while London is closed for holidays. The decline in Piazza Affari widens (Ftse Mib -1.2% to 21,612 points), with the spread between German BTPs and Bunds at 231.2 points – after an opening at 230.4 – and the Italian annual yield increasing by 13.4 points at 3.81%.

Gas drops below 280 euros in Amsterdam

Meanwhile, natural gas on the Amsterdam market falls below 280 euros per MWh. Futures contracts for the month of September mark a drop of 18.54% to 276.3 euros per MWh. Crude oil fluctuates: Wti at + 0.67% and 93.69 dollars a barrel.

Asia in red

The main stock exchanges in Asia and the Pacific are also slipping, losing today what western markets left on the field last Friday after the words of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole symposium where he confirmed the Federal Reserve’s hard line in the fight against inflation, despite the risk of recession. Tokyo lost 2.66%, Taiwan 2.31%, Seoul 2.18% and Sidney 1.95%.