European Parliament condemns Italy, Hungary and Poland for “anti-Lgbtiq rhetoric”

Europe condemns Italy for “anti-gender and anti-lgbtiq rhetoric”. The amendment was approved by the European Parliament, which “strongly condemns the dissemination of anti-rights, anti-gender and anti-Lgbtiq rhetoric by some influential political leaders and governments in the EU, as in the case of Hungary, Poland and Italy”.

Pe: concern for anti-gender rhetoric

The amendment, proposed by the Greens, passed with 282 votes in favour, 235 against and 10 abstentions. It was attached to the resolution on the universal decriminalization of homosexuality, in the light of recent developments in Uganda, approved instead with 416 votes in favor, 62 against, 36 abstentions. In the text, the European Parliament “expresses concern at the current global anti-rights, anti-Lgbtiq rhetorical movements, fueled by some political and religious leaders around the world, including in the EU; believes that these movements significantly hinder efforts to achieve universal decriminalization of homosexuality and transgender identity, as they legitimize the rhetoric that LGBTIQ people are an ideology rather than human beings”. A condemnation that specifically affects, together with Hungary and Poland, also Italy and its government.