European swimming, Italy gold in the men’s 4×100 mixed relay

Silver to France with 3’32 “50, bronze to Austria with 3’33” 28. Record of medals for the Azzurri

Italy closes the most victorious European swimming championships ever with a splendid gold in the men’s 4×100 mixed relay. Thomas Ceccon (Gold Flames, back), Nicolò Martinenghi (frog), Matteo Rivolta (dolphin) e Alessandro Miressi (Fiamme Oro, style) also set the championship record with 3’28 “46. Silver to France with 3’32” 50, bronze to Austria with 3’33 “28.

“I would like to thank these splendid athletes who have risen to become an international model and flagship of Italian swimming. The record of medals is an applause to their sacrifices and to those of technicians and managers and therefore of the clubs: the fulcrum of Italian sport, a guarantee of physical activity that produces champions and well-being for citizens of all ages “. the president of Federnuoto, Paolo Barelli.

“I invoke and hope for constant attention from the institutions so that they support them with suitable measures to ensure the resumption and / or continuation of the activities strongly compromised by the pandemic and by the energy price increases. Without the prevalent contribution of companies and associations, sport in Italy does not international medals, the enthusiasm of the fans, the emulation that produces cyclical results and positive models for the very young, would exist and consequently would not exist. I thank the large audience for following us with an impressive warmth both in the stands, with continuous sold -out, both from home. The emotional thrust was enormous and proved to be a fundamental component for the successes achieved, as well as repaying the efforts made by an organizational machine that prepared a wonderful, exemplary event. Concluded swimming and artistic swimming , the European championship continues with the dives, already opened by Italian medals, the show diving from great heights and swimming in open water in the sea of ​​Ostia “.