Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the report cards of the final

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It is the decisive evening of theEurovision Song Contest 2023 (WATCH THE SPECIAL). He’s in the race for Italy Marco Mengoni with the song Two lives. Here mine report cards of this final expectation (FOLLOW IT LIVE ON OUR LIVE BLOG).

AUSTRIA – Teya & Salena – Who The Hell Is Edgar? – VOTE 6/7
The devil and holy water, Don Camillo and Peppone in version 2.0 even if behind the irony there is bitterness for a music that gives artists little means of support.

PORTUGAL – Mimicat – Ai Coração – VOTE 6
Like entering a 1920s cabaret. It’s not bad but all this red dazzles and the heart doesn’t arrive.

SWITZERLAND – Remo Forrer – Watergun – VOTE 6+
With courage he tackles the issue of disarmament and war and does so with depth. But he too remains epidermal, at least he missed the scratch in this final.

POLAND – Blanka – Solo – VOTE 8
He brings to Liverpool a topic that is still taboo today, that of eroticism, despite the fact that Gianna Nannini had already done so with her “America”. She chooses irony, adds a little cartoon to it and doesn’t overdo it with sensuality. Very centered performance!

SERBIA – Luke Black – Samo Mi Se Spava – VOTE 6
Suffering voice as setting, sulphurous scenographies. It looks like Pierrot accidentally ended up in a Romero film with zombies coming out of every nook and cranny. Let’s leave these mashups to those who are capable of it.

FRANCE – La Zarra – Évidemment – VOTE 7
Conturban, a bit Edith Piaf and a bit Nina Simone. She has an actor’s gestures that make her hypnotic. The final cut of operatic voice!

CYPRUS – Andrew Lambrou – Break A Broken Heart – VOTE 7+
Given that between the waterfall at his back and the fumes that come out from under his feet he seems more in a spa than on the Eurovision stage, he offers a fresh pop, with Sheeranian singer-songwriter inserts.

SPAIN – Blanca Paloma – Eaea – VOTE 7/8
Ernest Hemingway would have liked it… in Pamplona she would have become his muse. She has a fantastic voice and exploits it, in fact minimal musical aids. The black thong on her arm gives her that gladiatorial touch she doesn’t like. On the other hand we are in an Arena!

SWEDEN – Loreen – Tattoo – VOTE 8
Claustrophobic scenography and the look is Manzonian, it seems to be in the Lazzaretto. But she turns the tables, she takes her space and in a heartwarming and cathartic ending she has her resurrected!

ALBANIA – Albina & Familja Kelmendi – Duje – VOTE 5/6
They put her on a bit of a racket and the singer looks like Snow White’s wicked stepmother. Good ensemble but little imagination, few emotions.

ITALY – Marco Mengoni – Two Lives – VOTE 9
A global lesson. Our Marco has demonstrated how feelings can be made to vibrate only with a beautiful song and bel canto. There is nothing more to add. If not the standing ovation from the Liverpool Arena.

ESTONIAAlikaBridges – VOTE 8
What a thrill! In her sky blue dress she brings peace of mind to the Eurovision crowd. He doesn’t need fireworks when he pushes with his voice.

FINLAND – Käärijä – Cha Cha Cha – VOTE 5

A sort of mythological figure, a bit Hulk, a bit Quasimodo, a bit a fighting pit bull. The metal-like version of cha cha cha is anachronistic and he is caricatured. Too bad because his voice has interesting nuances.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Vesna – My Sister’s Crown – VOTE 5/6

Geishas at a village festival with Kataklò choreographies and rap inserts. Then they are beautiful, they are harmonics… but not enough for this stage despite a powerful message in favor of life. The feeling is that we have felt the pressure.

Australia | Voyager – Promise – VOTE 5

A déjà vu from the sixties/seventies. Did they tell him they were invited to a Woodstock celebration? The machine on stage also not.

BELGIUM – Gustaph – Because Of You – VOTE 6+

A cowboy in pink. A bit like the Pink Panther. He has a winning smile, his voice too but the performance was not a catalyst. Even if, it must be acknowledged, the Arena sang it all with him.

ARMENIA | Brunette – Future Lover – VOTE 7/8

Dreamy. At the beginning it seems to enter a fairy tale then the pop becomes more aggressive and she becomes a feline from a fairy. The fuchsia-kaleidoscopic finish looks like the palette of a macchiaiolo.

MOLDOVA – Pasha Parfeni – Soarele şi Luna – VOTE 5+

Sicilian Druids. Their mantra seems to say sciuri sciuri then it is certainly a phonetic affinity. Not very original. That plus of the vote is related to the curated and evocative performance.

UKRAINE – Tvorki – Heart of Steel – VOTE 7-

The heart of steel is that of their country fighting to defend its borders. The national colors dominate the stage, between images of mountains and men of the future. A right dose of electronics to increase hope.

NORWAY – Alessandra – Queen of Kings – VOTE 6+
I liked it better during the semifinals. In the final there was an incipit from a scouts’ trip which then became the soundtrack of a farmer’s wedding one hundred years ago. I’m sorry because I had put a lot of trust in her.

GERMANY – Lord of the Lost – Blood & Glitter – VOTE 6
For a moment I thought of being sucked into the new season of Vikings, with the return from Valhalla of Lochi. Instead it was a metal parenthesis with references to a pagan world of the past. An honest piece, nothing more.

LITHUANIA – Monika Linkytė – Stay – VOTE 8

Volunteer in Nepal to teach music to children, at Eurovision she enchants. She chooses orange, a color that is not easy to wear (and it feels like a second skin on her) and closes the piece with a Gospel nuance: a risky choice because there is the danger of slipping into the obvious and instead she pilots it straight to the heart.

ISRAEL – Noa Kirel – Unicorn – VOTE 8

The real pop star of the night. Mistress of the stage and the situation, scheming and arrogant (in a good way), she takes her…her unicorn by her horn and tames it. She as she does she to the crowd at the Liverpool Arena in a Broadway-worthy dancer finale. If for her the unicorn is uniqueness…Noa is “very unique”.

SLOVENIA – Joker Out – Carpe Diem – VOTE 5/6

Nice, funny maybe a little too much protagonists and therefore uneven. They convey the feeling of a group where everyone runs alone. Let’s be clear they don’t hurt it but being a band is something else. They probably are but in the final the only choral moment was the embrace, with a final bow.

CROATIA – Let 3 – Mama ŠČ! – VOTE 7

Music, entertainment and the teaching of history. They dress up as dictators and in their merry confusion they light up our thoughts and remind us that we must never forget. Funny!

UNITED KINGDOM – Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song VOTE 7/8
She presents herself in the half-light like a Bond Girl and then with her gaze, with the right transparencies and with the song that conquers the Arena. It is certainly not a very original song, but Mae knows how to make it unique and special.