Eurovision Song Contest, Marco Mengoni: “I grew up, now I want to have fun”

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Ten years after participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song The essentialSaturday 13 May Marco Mengoni will return to the stage of the event. The winner of the last Sanremo Festival will represent Italy with Two Lives.

marco mengoni: “I have the right energy, I’m interested in feeling good and having fun”

From the choice of the song to the desire to have fun without thinking about the competition up to the growth of the last few years, Marco Mengoni told us about the emotions of this Eurovision Song Contest.

Here we are in Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest

“This is a fantastic world, there are so many things to do, I start by saying that I am very satisfied with my improvement in English”

Ten years later again on stage for Italy

“Ten years ago it was beautiful but I felt a bit of pressure, now I’m experiencing everything like the last Sanremo Festival, that is, having fun. I grew up, I had the opportunity to have a lot of experiences and I know what the Eurovision stage means. Ten years ago I was young, I got caught up in the emotion of the moment not fully enjoying every moment, now I have many more tools, I have the right energy, I’m interested in feeling good and having fun. I’ve been working on this for some time: making choices that make me happy”

Eager to get on stage?

“I have one of the most beautiful jobs in the world, why should I have anxiety? I can make mistakes and make mistakes, but I’m human, mistakes are part of life and they are important”

A totally different approach

“I am experiencing this Eurovision Song Contest in a completely different way, I am more mature. I don’t like the terms ‘race’ or ‘competition’ because they put pressure. Thinking that there is a ranking and that you can trip yourself isn’t for me and it doesn’t even seem like the spirit of this event. I believe that this Eurovision must serve to share important messages, one above all that of peace “

How come the decision to bring Two lives?

“After the Sanremo Festival, I took some time to listen to myself again and go back to the studio to close the album. I thought about it, I realized that Two lives was the right piece as the story of my personal life of the last few years”

What should we expect from the performance?

“It was not easy trying to tell the meaning of Two lives, this relationship between conscious and unconscious, but thanks to a fantastic team we were able to stage it. On stage we will best represent the relationship between these parts of life: the real one and the dream one”

The slogan of this edition is ‘United by Music’

“Music is a means of peace and love, at least for me, but I think for all thirty-seven countries. We have the opportunity to raise awareness through music”

Another message you want to send to the public?

“Not to waste time because there’s very little and we can’t decide. If you are aware of losing it because it can facilitate your future, that’s one thing, otherwise you must never do it.”

Did you get to meet the other artists?

“I haven’t met everyone yet because there are so many of us, thirty-seven, I’ve already met some colleagues, for example the Piqued Jacks of San Marino, they are very funny and nice. We are happy to be in the same place and to have each other’s backs”

Have you heard from some Italian colleagues?

“Some have written to me, Laura Pausini wished me good luck”

In October the tour in Europe

“The Europe tour will be big places I’ve never been to. I’m happy to compete, for me it will be a new challenge”