Euthanasia referendum, Meloni: “Sacrosanct decision Consulta”

“An unacceptable and extreme question that would have undermined our legal system”

“Sacrosanct is the decision of the Constitutional Court to declare inadmissible the referendum proposed by the radicals on the murder of the consenting person, even if healthy”. These are the words of Giorgia Meloni, president of the Brothers of Italy.

“An unacceptable and extreme question that would have undermined our legal system, which has always been oriented towards the defense of human life and the protection of the most fragile and weak. A judgment of common sense. There is still room in our legal system to defend the value of life, as Brothers of Italy intends to do with its commitment “, adds Meloni, who in another statement also focuses on the theme of bathing concessions.

“Today in the Council of Ministers the first act of an expropriation against thirty thousand bathing companies was carried out, which will have very severe economic and social consequences. It is absurd that with the Ukrainian crisis, the high bills and the increase in the price of many kinds of first necessity the Draghi government identifies in the bathing concessions the priority for the nation and which, with bizarre theses, legitimizes the demonization of an entire category “, he affirms.

“Today’s provision has nothing to do with the amount of the fees, the cost of a cot or the overbuilding of the coasts. It is only a shameful gift to foreign multinationals, which affects thousands of Italian companies that have invested, many of them they have also done so recently, legitimately relying on the extension to 2033 which is still foreseen by the law in force “, he says again

“A delegation with such weak stakes – he warns – does not attribute any effective protection to outgoing dealers, who will be largely wiped out with public evidence in a few months. This will not happen to their Spanish or Portuguese colleagues who have obtained from their governments not an expropriation but very long extensions without the EU Commission lifting a finger. To those who say that the text will change in Parliament we say right now that the Brothers of Italy will try hard, until the last minute available, as we have tried forcefully to make Parliament express at these hours. We do not betray the commitments made “.