Euthanasia, Stefano Gheller: “Elena’s case gave me even more strength to fight”

The news of Elena, terminally ill, who died in Switzerland “gave me even more strength to fight. Because I want and expect to die in Italy”. Speaking is Stefano Gheller, the 49-year-old from Cassola (Vicenza) who about a month ago decided to write a letter to Ulss 7 Pedemontana to ask “urgently to activate the procedure for legal access to medically assisted suicide”. “The commission has come home – he tells Adnkronos – Now I am waiting for them to call me to do a DNA test to find out exactly what disease I have. less. In any case, whatever the result is, it doesn’t change much. They asked me for it and I gave full availability. They also told me that they will do everything as soon as possible “.

“Not only because of my history, with the Luca Coscioni Association we are fighting together also on the disabled front. We are carrying out projects together, such as sexual assistance to people with disabilities which is recognized in other European countries. at stake and available to defend their rights, “Gheller points out. What then he says he greatly admires Marco Cappato, the treasurer of the Luca Coscioni association, who declared himself after having accompanied Elena to a clinic in Switzerland. “Marco Cappato for me is a unique person, there was no trouble, I have an immense esteem for him and all Italians should thank him for his battles in the name of freedom”.

As soon as he heard the news of Elena’s death in Switzerland, the 69-year-old Venetian who, suffering from a serious oncological pathology, had asked for legal access to assisted suicide, Gheller instinctively wrote a message on his Facebook page: “Rest in peace Elena and shame on Italy and the Italian state that makes its citizens die in another state, paying a lot of money. As an Italian I am very ashamed and we should all be ashamed, if we believe in democracy and in the personal freedom of everyone when no one is harmed “.
(by Sibilla Bertollini)