Euthanasia, tomorrow law in the Chamber: the majority remains divided

Over 200 amendments tabled. Turri: “League against, we will fight”. Provenza Rapporteur (M5S): “Parliament dignity opportunity, let’s not waste it”

The examination of the law on assisted suicide, hinged before Christmas and then slipped between the budget law and Colle, will resume tomorrow afternoon in the Montecitorio courtroom. However, the divisions in the majority, which had already emerged at the close of the work in the committee, remain. In the League, in Forza Italia, among the centrists, as well as in Fdi on the opposition side. Over 200 amendments have been tabled. Tomorrow morning they will be examined by the committee of 9. Nicola Provenza of the 5 Stars rapporteur of the law together with the dem Alfredo Bazoli is however “confident”.

For two reasons, he explains to Adnkronos. For the mediation work achieved in the commission. The same group leader of the League in Justice, Roberto Turri, said he was “satisfied” with the changes accepted, which however remain “insufficient”. And then Provence is confident that Parliament will not miss the opportunity to “finally approve a law that will put an end to the unprecedented suffering of so many people”.

“The word most used by President Mattarella in his speech here in the Chamber – says Provence – was ‘dignity’. Here, if the dignity of Parliament must manifest itself, there is no better occasion” than this. However, the risk of reaching an approval that does not collect the consent of the entire majority is concrete. Turri explains to Adnkronos: “We remain against this law, we will try to improve it with our amendments, we will explain our position and we will fight in the classroom”. But no obstruction assures: “No, there is no intention of this kind. We have tabled about fifty amendments. We will try to pass some changes in the classroom.”

Magi, ‘the law is wrong, too many unresolved issues’ – in the background there is a referendum

But the perplexities about the text also come from the center-left side for opposite reasons. Riccardo Magi of Più Europa presented about twenty amendments. “It is an imperfect text that presents several unresolved issues”. A law, he explains to Adnkronos, which contains several “obstacles” to activate the assisted suicide procedure. “There is no certainty about the timing of the various steps in the procedure and this can create a bureaucratic funnel”. And then the point of conscientious objection: “This risks being a decisive obstacle, we already see the problems that exist regarding abortion …”. And several other aspects that could cause delays or blocking of the procedure.

The speaker Provenza observes: “Mediation cannot satisfy everyone. We have worked trying to find a balance on the guarantees for the protection of people who request the assisted suicide procedure, between those who wanted to introduce many stakes and those who did not want to put them at all. But that synthesis has been reached and I believe that Parliament will not fail to finally give an answer – also requested by the Constitutional Court – on a delicate and ethically sensitive issue, but which cannot be postponed before the country “.

And on which a referendum is pending. “I do not know how and if this law will intertwine with the referendum on euthanasia”, says Magi who, however, does not hide the risk that an “imperfect” text, in his opinion, could still interfere. In fact, it is not excluded that the Constitutional Court may not admit the referendum given that in Parliament there is a legislative initiative underway on the matter.