Eva feat. Sabrina Salerno sing Superstars, a love song without taboos

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The single is released on Friday 9 September on all digital platforms Superstarsthird act of the artistic project of Eva with the collaboration of an extraordinary icon of dance music, Sabrina Salerno. The meeting of two incredible voices, those of Eva and Sabrina, to sing universal love, without limits and without taboos; a hymn to the life we ​​are all in Superstarsundisputed protagonists of unique stories.

“I immediately heard this song so close, akin to one of my favorite artists, the undisputed queen of dance music, Sabrina Salernocomments Eva Our meeting was born thanks to Luca Tommassini, who once again directed the video clip of one of my songs. I imagined that, in everyday life, we are true superstars: we collide with life, we face it, we love it, we hate it. We deal with ourselves, in everyday life, without ever considering how much we are protagonists. In the video clip also another aspect emerges that I face in the passage: unconditional love. No matter the color of the skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation: love is the same for everyone ”.

Sabrina Salernowho duets with Eve, gives further light and movement, fluidity, to the sung words: “When I listened to the Superstars audition I was fascinated by Eva’s voice. I liked the song the first time I listened and I immediately entered the recording room. On the set of the video, directed by Luca Tommassini, there was a beautiful and immediate empathy between me and Eva. This is the third time that I find myself in a duet with a woman and I am very happy to have done it with a young and talented artist ”.

The love that moves the sun and the other stars, last verse of Paradise in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, was a source of inspiration for the writing of the song, in which love is conceived as a universal feeling, capable of illuminating everything, as the engine of everything, of that whole of which we are part of.

Eva, Italian-German singer-songwriter and violinist, after the success of the singles Don’t Lose My Eyes And Never Yours Againcontinues his musical, visionary path, proposing a single pop linked to the others through a fil rouge, which unravels among the many facets of us, who cross history, borders, we relate with the world, with human beings, with nature, dealing with always different feelings. The director tells the story visually, through unique, unsettling, highly expressive images Luca Tommassini, A champion “dreamer” who conceived Superstars set in an ideal, futuristic, fluid Eden, which undergoes changes, evolutions, such as those that happen inside and outside of us, and which becomes the stage of the world in which we shine. The song, distributed by Believe Music and released by Sugar Music, was arranged by Federico Paciotti and mastered by Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound.