Eva Grimaldi at GF Vip, who she is: years, Instagram, marriage, her real name and where she lives

Eva Grimaldi will enter the house of the GF Vip, but who she is: let’s find out together her age, her real name, Instagram, her marriage and where she lives.

Eva Grimaldi is about to enter the most spied house in Italy. To make the news public was the presenter of the reality show, Alfonso Signorini, who leaked his name among the new Vippos.

Eva Grimaldi arrives at GF Vip: who is she? (Source Instagram)

After Signorini’s announcement, the charismatic too Eva Grimaldi speaks of his entry to the GF Vip, during an interview with Who. It is not the first time that the woman participates in a reality show, in fact she has already been a competitor of dancing with the Stars in 2004, dell‘Island of the Famous in 2017 and competitor of Beijing Express in 2014. During the interview with Who, speaking of his entry, Grimaldi is ready for this adventure that she wants to live with carefree and freedom. “It will be the first Christmas away from my loved ones” says the woman, who nevertheless has a lot to tell and wants to get back on the game. Who is Eva Grimaldi, and what do we know about her?

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Eva Grimaldi at GF Vip: who is she?

Eva Grimaldi, stage name of Milva Perinoni is a famous Italian actress. Born in 1961, originally from a small town in the province of Verona, is known to the general public above all for its relationship with the Italian sex symbol Gabriel Garko with whom he lived for 8 years. The beautiful sixty-year-old had a brilliant career in the world of cinema and fiction, her beauty led her to be considered one of the most beautiful women in our country.

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Eva Grimaldi GF Vip
Source Instagram

In addition to the relationship with Garko at the turn of the 90s and 2000s, he also had relationships with Lele Mora And Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2006 she married the Veronese entrepreneur Fabrizio Ambroso, but the two separated in 2010. A twist in his private life is the marriage with the Italian activist and politician Imma Battaglia, which took place in 2019. The ceremony was celebrated by Monica Cirinnà, first signatory of the law on civil unions. Currently the couple, who is very much in love, lives together in Rome, even if the neighborhood is not exactly known. As can also be seen from his profile Instagram, which has almost 170,000 followers, Grimaldi e Imma Battaglia they are inseparable. The actress posts photos from their vacation together but also shots of herself that celebrate her charm.

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We just have to wait to see the entrance of Eva Grimaldi to the Big Brother Vip and get to know this incredible woman even more!