Evaluna Montaner conquered Camilo with this minidress

Evaluna Montaner, the famous Venezuelan actress and singer, has caused a stir on social networks after posting a series of photos on her Instagram account in which she wears a spectacular striped mini-dress taken in black and white. In the images, Evaluna is happy and radiant, showing off her spectacular figure, while she poses in front of a white wall and leans on a chair.

Eva Luna. Source: Instagram @evaluna.

The publication has generated great expectations among her followers and fans, who have not hesitated to express their admiration for the artist’s beauty and charisma. However, what has most caught everyone’s attention has been the dedication that Evaluna Montaner she did to her husband, also a singer Camilo.

In her publication, Evaluna Montaner wrote: “Even in love with your shadow @camilo. ??” since you can see the shadow of her husband in her photos. While Camilohe returned by way of answer: “Even the shadows melt in your presence”

This declaration of love has moved all the followers of the couple, who have followed their relationship closely since they began dating several years ago. In recent weeks, attention has turned to the birth of their daughter, whom they named “Indigo” and who have shown their face for the first time recently.

Eva Luna. Source: Instagram @evaluna.

Definitely, Evaluna Montaner and Camilo have become one of the most admired and beloved couples in show business, not only for their artistic talent, but also for the way in which they have managed to maintain a solid and stable relationship in the midst of such a complicated environment. that of entertainment

In short, the spectacular minidress that she wears Evaluna Montaner In these photos, she has caused a sensation on social networks, but what has attracted the most attention is the dedication she made to her husband, Camilo, with whom she has formed one of the most loved and admired couples in show business.