Evaluna Montaner imposes a trend with the ideal neon manicure for short nails

Singer Evaluna Montaner 25 years old is one of the most loved and followed artists in the region. Together with her family clan, she always brings smiles to her fans through her social networks where she accumulates more than 21 million followers from all over the world.

Evaluna Montaner It was in the news last weekend because on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she revealed unpublished images of the birth of her daughter Indigo in her home. “It is an honor to be your daughter @marlenesalome. And a privilege to be your mother Indi,” wrote the wife of Camilo Echeverry next to the photo album.

But now Evaluna Montaner He became a trend again by showing a summary of what his mother’s day was like and in the clip he showed off a neon yellow manicure for short nails that everyone wants to imitate. Camilo’s wife echeverry She is an ambassador for the beauty and cosmetics brand Cyzone and is always ahead of what is coming.

Evaluna Montaner’s neon manicure. Source: instagram @evaluna

Evaluna Montaner She showed a makeup tutorial online but her fans focused on the neon yellow short nail manicure. Ricardo Montaner’s daughter cannot have long nails due to the care tasks she has with Indigo to avoid injuries or breakage.

Evaluna Montaner’s neon manicure. Source: instagram @evaluna

Anyway the manicure of Evaluna Montaner It is worth imitating for all types of women for its comfort and also versatility. The neon nail polish tones are the ones chosen for this season since they highlight the color of the hands and are easy to combine with different looks.