Evan Peters wore Jeffrey Dahmer’s clothes, shoes and glasses to get into character

Dramatically transforming to play the infamous serial killer, Evan Peters he was hailed as a scene stealer for every screen second in “Dahmer.”

Collider described Peters’ version of Dahmer as “haunting and creepy”, while Movieweb opined that Peters made the Milwaukee cannibal “seem both unassuming and intimidating, while delivering his lines with a perfect Midwestern accent”.

With Deadline reporting that “Dahmer” racked up almost 300 million hours watched in its second week after launch, stayed in second place after “stranger things 4“like the series in English Most Viewed on Netflix.

Without a doubt, Peters’ rave-worthy performance contributed greatly to his positive word-of-mouth.

Recently, in a conversation with his co-stars and the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, Peters explained how far he was willing to go to prepare for the role.

Evan Peters wore the actual clothes of Jeffrey Dahmer

To play the titular serial killer in “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” Evan Peters he went to some extreme measures to get it right. In a recently launched roundtable with the cast of the hit Netflix series, the creator ryan murphy revealed how Peters used lead weights around his hands to mimic Dahmer’s rigid stance.

“I had a very straight back,” he explained. Peters. “He didn’t move his arms when he walked.”

The “American Horror Story” star also worked with dialect coaches to maintain Dahmer’s voice and speech patterns, even when he wasn’t filming. “He has such a distinct voice and that dialect…it was just too hard to get in and out of,” Peters continued.

For some, without a doubt, the most impactful preparation Peters made for the role was put on the clothes that Dahmer had worn before.

In October, The Hollywood Reporter teased snippets from the roundtable, including the revelation that Peters wore Dahmer’s actual shoes, jeans and glasses for months.

Fortunately, when the intense filming process was over, Peters was able to relax with a period of downtime.

“I haven’t worked since we shot this. I really tried to shake it all off,” she told her co-stars at the panel discussion.

In October, seventeen He reported that Peters went home to Missouri. As he recalled to his co-stars at the roundtable, he tried to “watch comedies and romances and go back to St. Louis and see my family and friends and yes, watch ‘Step Brothers’.”