Evelyn Matthei spoke with Pancho Saavedra about music, family, politics and her vote for Kast

The second episode of “Te paso a buscar”, the Pancho Saavedra series, takes the presenter to visit Evelyn Matthei, the mayoress of Providencia, at her workplace. From there, together they embark on a journey through the streets of Santiago that includes laughter, entertainment, and interesting episodes from the city’s history.

The conversation took place at the Illustrious Municipality of Providencia, where Matthei revealed that her work as mayor is what has made her happiest compared to her previous experiences as a representative, senator, and presidential candidate. She also mentioned that, prior to her political career, she worked as a math teacher at a college.

Aboard a red Ford Falcon, Matthei revealed that she was closely related to music since she was a child and that her family had a habit of giving away records. She is a fan of Elton John and declared herself passionate about classical music, specifically Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony.

Pancho Saavedra spoke about the possibility of Matthei being president, to which she replied that she is enjoying the moment and that she is not thinking about the future.

In addition, Matthei reflected on the death of his brother and stressed that it has been the strongest pain of his life.

Matthei also explained why he decided to enter politics and mentioned that he studied Business Engineering. During his childhood, he traveled from his house on Gran Avenida to the German School in Providencia and observed barefoot children living in poor conditions. That led her to become involved in politics and work to improve education and public health.

In the program, Matthei and Saavedra played “colgado” and the theme that came up was “Isapres”. Matthei opined that the Isapres must have a plan for the future, since three and a half million people are linked to them. She believes that good education and good public health are essential and can be achieved with smart, skilled management.

In the last presidential elections, Matthei voted for José Antonio Kast because he has known him for a long time and believes that he is a good person. She is more liberal than conservative and she voted for Kast because she felt the other option was worse. Matthei thinks that even if Kast wanted to backtrack on liberal issues, he couldn’t have done it.

Saavedra recalled that Matthei did not agree with same-sex marriage in 2013 because he believed it would lead to homoparental adoption, which he did not support at the time either. Matthei confessed that he now agrees with homoparental adoption and that his position has changed.

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