Even Aracely Arámbula reacted: the emotional message from Luis Miguel’s brother on Marce Basteri’s birthday

Alexander Basteri, who is currently dedicated to the business sector and runs various companies such as gas stations and even construction companies, has always remained on the sidelines and away from the cameras and the media, compared to his famous brother Luis Miguel.

Currently, the brother of the renowned artist has decided to honor his mother Marcela basteri, who was an Italian actress and model. His mother “disappeared” more than 30 years ago and left her children alone and in the care of their relatives, although data are also mentioned that she could have died.

The brother of ´Sol de México ‘, launched a clothing line that is inspired by the style and taste of his mother Marcela basteri. Its brand is called ´Basteri Collection´ where the different garments are found on an official page and it is the only means of access. The clothing is very similar to what his mother wore. Among the different prices of the new brand and collection of Alexander They range between 1700 and 1900 pesos and it would be unisex clothing. At the same time, he also decided to add accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, mouth covers and caps. Without a doubt, a beautiful way to pay tribute to his mother.

Source: Instagram @abasteri

Recently, Alexander He shared on his Instagram an emotional and tender message dedicated to his mother Marcela for her birthday: “A day like today was born who gave birth to a family with principles, values ​​and above all with a big heart! Sensitive, simple, that He loved and had the eye and the passion of design in his being, in solemn honor and I remember who deserves all my love, affection and affection. He has always been my greatest inspiration and my best example in this life, we miss you with all our hearts ! “.

Source: Instagram @abasteri

And he added: “No man has become great without a touch of divine inspiration.” The words were so beautiful that many famous people liked their publication, such as Aracely Arámbula, who was her brother’s ex-partner Luis Miguel with whom he shared more than 4 years of love affair.