“Even eat poop”: the Hollywood star leaves everyone speechless

The Hollywood star indulged in a revelation that leaves everyone speechless: what she said is truly incredible.

There have been revelations that have all left without words, but this of the Hollywook star it is among the most sensational of all. Recently, we told you about the beloved TV face who announced the arrival of a series that will show her pregnancy on the small screen, but above all her birth. Really sensational, no doubt about it! The revelation to which the New York Times was left another highly appreciated face, however, is just as incredible!

Star Hollywood. Credits: Instagram

We know very well how much the aesthetic aspect counts for many women of the show. Starting from cosmetic surgery – like the very young daughter of a beloved actor – to beauty routines – like Jennifer Lopez’s – there are many ‘tricks’ that VIPs use to always look perfect and splendid. However, there are those who, in addition to the usual skin care, would be willing to do anything to achieve this goal! And it was the one who was directly interested in unveiling it to the New York Times. According to what we learn from her words, it would seem that the Hollywood star is also willing to eat poop as long as this guarantees her skin that is always young and fresh.

The revelation of the Hollywood star leaves everyone speechless

“If they told me that literally eating poop every single day would make me look younger, I would”, these are the exact words that the Hollywood star released to the New York Times, leaving everyone stunned. In fact, such a revelation could not go unnoticed and there are those who even accused it of being inelegant. On the other hand, her outspoken statements about her are a real classic. And it is no coincidence that everyone loves her for her spontaneity. Are you curious to know who we are talking about? Just her: Kim Kardashian!

On the occasion of the launch of her new cosmetics line, Kim Kardashian reiterated to the New York Times how much her beauty matters to her. On the other hand, you know: with her charm, the young Kardashian earns a lot. It is natural, therefore, that she always wants to be perfect! To date – as told by the person directly concerned – the beautiful Kim usually carries out her beauty routine, applying creams, vitamins and so on and so forth, but if there were some other expedient that would make her even more beautiful and shining, she would not hesitate to test it. “I would try everything”, revealed.

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Kim Kardashian Instagram. Credits: Instagram

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s revelation? Above all, do you agree to such an importance – sometimes even obsession – for one’s physical appearance?