Everyone is crazy about programming, coding lessons for adults and children from Apple

On the occasion of EU Code Week, an initiative promoted by the European Commission to bring coding and digital literacy to everyone in a fun and engaging way, which this year takes place from 7 to 22 October, Apple is making the European network of its Apple Store to teach those who want to write their first app.

Coding lesson

“Coding”, an English term that is increasingly replacing the Italian “programming”, is the discipline that allows you to build an app by writing a series of instructions. Inside the Apple Stores it is possible to participate in specific sessions entitled “Write the code for your first app” and “Learn to code with Swift Playgrounds”: these are sessions offered as part of the Today at Appe Program, which offers opportunities free learning sessions carried out within Apple Stores, with your own equipment or with equipment borrowed for the occasion from Apple.

“Write the code for your first app”

The playground is Swift Playgrounds, an app for iPad and Mac that teaches you to write code in an easy and fun way using the Apple Swift programming language, which does not require particular IT knowledge (and is therefore perfect for those starting from scratch). Among the other initiatives implemented by Apple are the Everyone Can Code projects, which provide those who teach or train with resources capable of guiding students step by step to develop the basic skills of the subject.