Everyone notices the fingers of King Charles III: what comes out only now

In these days of mourning for the death of Elizabeth II, everyone is wondering why King Charles III’s fingers are so swollen.

Now that Queen Elizabeth II is gone, much to the sorrow of the Royal Family and their subjects, the eyes of the whole world are on her son, the reigning king. Charles III. It will not be easy for the new sovereign of the United Kingdom to welcome the immense inheritance of her mother, the last monarch of the twentieth century who until the last was a luminous guide for her people.

King Charles III, have you noticed? (Credits: Instagram)

However, after a seemingly interminable wait, the eldest son of the late British queen has become King Charles III and his wife Camilla is Queen consort at the behest of Elizabeth. Since the latter passed away on 8 September 2022, images of the various stages of the ceremony that celebrated mourning for this death have followed one another on TV and in newspapers, which leaves a great sense of emptiness in everyone.

Over the past ten days, up until the funeral held today 19 September, King Charles appeared at various fateful moments in his succession to the throne. The video in which he appears visibly irritated with the staff before the second signing during the Proclamation and the one in which he is seen nervous for having dirty his hand with the ink of the pen have gone around the world. Beyond that, everyone has noticed another detail: his fingers are quite swollen and many have wondered if the ruler has any health problems.

Why King Charles III’s fingers are swollen: the doctor’s opinion

In reality, the hands of Charles had already raised some perplexity in the past, but in these days in which he and all the English royalty are particularly observed, the question has risen powerfully to the surface. To look for a possible explanation was the Daily Star who consulted a doctor, Dr. Gareth Nyesenior lecturer at the University of Chester.

The luminary explained that the king would suffer from edema: “The body starts retaining fluids in the limbs, usually legs and ankles, but also fingers and that’s why they swell.” Nye explains that edema affects many people, especially those over the age of 65 “because the ability to control fluids is limited”. When the condition affects the thumb joint or both finger joints, the finger joints become stiff, painful, and swollen. There are medications that help relieve pain, but the swelling can persist. Possible causes include excessive salt consumption or high blood pressure medications.

King Charles III fingers
King Charles III everyone notices (Credits: Instagram)

Did you also notice the hands of King Charles?