Everyone talks about Jamie, Giancarlo Commare stages a gentle revolution

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Before the curtain falls Giancarlo Commare thanked the audience by defining Everyone talks about Jamie a ‘gentle revolution’. The musical is on stage at Theater National of Milan up to Sunday 26 March.

everyone is talking about jamiea touching story

After the extraordinary success of the film based on the Broadway musical inspired by the documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16 about the life of Jamie Campbella 16-year-old British girl with dreams of being a drag queen, Everyone talks about Jamie landed in the Milanese capital.

Giancaro Commare is Jamie, at his side Barbara Cola in the role of mother Margaret New ready to do anything to protect and support her son, Ludovica Di Donato in those of family friend Ray and Franco Mannella in the roles of Hugo and Loco Chanelle, mentor of the protagonist. The cast is completed by Lisa Angelillo, Benedetta Boschi, Umberto Noto, Sebastian Gimelli Morosini, Damiano Spitaleri and Giovanni Abbracciavento. Also present were Elena Barani, Robert Ediogu, Giovanni Ernani Di Tizio, Erica Mariniello, Giuseppe Menozzi, Matilde Pellegri, Andrea Spata and Giovanna Tino.

The cast, led by a brilliant and talented Giancarlo Commare, brings Jamie Campbell’s story to the stage, telling it with delicacy, irony and lots of affection. In the more than hard hours of the show, the audience is taken by the hand and accompanied on a journey through the fears and desires of a boy. The production deals with LGBTQ+ issues with awareness, also winking at the pop world by quoting its icons, such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

The functional scenography embeds the vicissitudes of the protagonists, enhancing different aspects of the story: from the world of vogueging to the warmth of the domestic hearth.

Everyone talks about Jamie it is a true gentle revolution that tells without rhetoric the difficulties of those who decide to pursue a dream by overcoming the obstacles that society places before them.