Everyone was crazy about him, but what happened to Buddy Valastro? The surprise news

Everyone remembers the famous Buddy Valastro, but are you curious to know what happened today? A surprise news comes up.

For all lovers of sweets and pastries, Buddy Valastro is definitely number one. Remember when, on Real Time, he was the undisputed star of the “Cake Boss” program? In each episode of the TV series, the beloved bakery showed his masterpieces to his audience.

What happened to Buddy Valastro today? Credits: Instagram

There are many TV faces that have alternated on Real Time! Currently, the legendary Sandra Lee, undisputed queen of Dr. Pimple Popper program is hugely popular – do you have the latest story we told you? – but even Dr. Nowzaradan is not joking. Among the various who have alternated in all these years, however, lovers of the famous channel cannot help but remember him: Buddy Valastro or better known also by the nickname “The boss of cakes”. For several years, the pastry shop has kept its audience company with its cakes and masterpieces, but today are you curious to know what happened today?

He was the mythical Boss of cakes, what happened to Buddy Valastro today?

It is really impossible to forget it, but you are curious to know what happened to it Buddy Valastro today? For several years now, the famous Real Time cake boss no longer appears on our small screen, but what does he do today? If you are curious to know it too, we advise you to go on with the reading. Discover with us everything you need to know.

We managed to track down Buddy Valastro on Instagram and we found that his life hasn’t changed at all after his “goodbye” to Real Time. Together with his family, in fact, the cake boss continues to work in his family shops and to cultivate his passion for sweets. Be very careful, however, the surprises are by no means over. Sifting through his Instagram channel carefully, we learned that the good Valastro has also catapulted into the world of savory. A few months ago, in fact, Buddy opened a store where you can enjoy delicious sandwiches and much more.

buddy valastro today
Credits: Instagram

Really phenomenal, don’t you think?