Everyone was crazy about Lupo Lucio de La Melevisione, what are you doing today? How his life has changed: the turning point

Everyone was crazy about the very nice Lupo Lucio de La Melevisione, but do you know what he does today? After the success came the turning point.

We are sure that you too will have a smile on your face when you read ‘La melevisione’. The very famous Rai channel program dedicated to children has been able to collect an impressive success since its first episode. And even today – despite the transition to Rai Yo Yo and the farewell of 2015 – it continues to be one of the most loved programs by parents.

Lupo Lucio today. Credits: Instagram

Although intended for the little ones, La Melevisione was able to deal with various topics – mostly important from a social point of view – but it did so with a language and a way that everyone was impressed. To make the atmosphere of the famous program even more magical, there were its protagonists. How can we forget, for example, the sweet Fairy Lina – who today seems to have completely changed her life – or the very nice Wolf Lucio. We are talking about a fixed character of La Melavision who knew how to enter everyone’s heart. You are curious, however, to know what it does today? Almost 10 years have passed since the program’s farewell to Rai channels, but how has Guido Ruffa’s life changed? In the course of one of his interviews, the actor told himself extensively: what you need to know about him.

What does the famous Lupo Lucio de La Melevisione do today? The turning point after success

All viewers de The Melevisione, they loved his unconditionally Wolf Lucio. Among the main protagonists of the famous Rai Due program, Guido Ruffa was part of the program even when – after years on Rai Due – it was moved to Rai Yoyo, always becoming its symbolic face. What happened, however, to the actor after the success he encountered? In 2015, La Melevisione has forever greeted its large audience, but what happened to its performers? The beloved Tonio Cartonio, for example, continued his career on the small screen, but the famous Lupo Lucio? We are sure that a little ‘all of you will have asked yourself this question. Only now, however, can we give you an answer.

In the course of his very recent interview – together with Fata Lina and two authors of La Melevisione – Guido Ruffa not only explained how he began his experience in the Rai program, but also revealed how his life changed after its closure. . According to what we learn from his words, it would seem that the ‘famous’ Lupo Lucio has absolutely not changed his life. After the program, in fact, the good Ruffa said he had worked in theaters until 2017. After this moment, then, he threw himself headlong into the tour. “If I could go back in time, I would do all of those 20 years again”, he revealed to Vice.

wolf lucio melevision today
Guido Ruffa. Credits: Instagram

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