Everyone wonders what happened after 90 days to fall in love: very bad news, no one would have said it

Ashley and Jay attended 90 days to fall in love, but everyone wonders what happened next – bad news, no one would have guessed.

Have you ever followed an episode of 90 days to fall in love? Aired for the first time in 2014, the docu reality has been able to collect a truly impressive success since the first episode. Also because, let’s face it, up until that moment, we had never had the chance to see such a new program.

What happened to the couple after 90 days of falling in love? Photo Source: Youtube

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Taking advantage of an engaged permit, six foreigners decide to participate in the program, to reach the United States and to meet real strangers. They will have 90 days, before the visa expires, to decide what to do with their life: whether to get married or not! Among the protagonists we have met over the course of these seasons, the public has become particularly fond of the story of Ashley and Jay. It is precisely for this reason that, to date, there are really different people who are wondering what happened to them. And if, above all, they are still a couple. Are you ready to discover everything too? We think about it immediately. Even if, we anticipate, you would never have said it.

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What happened to Ashley and Jay after 90 days of falling in love?

Ashley and Jay, therefore, they were two protagonists of the program 90 days to fall in love. Both very young, they decided to test their feelings. And to try this experiment. How did it turn out? Well, we all know: they got married! Years after their wedding, however, what do we know about them? In particular, are they still a couple to date?

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There are so many people who wonder if Ashley and Jay are still a couple. And it is to them that we dedicate these words of ours. Years after their wedding, the couple decided to separate forever. Although in love and close-knit, the two very young lovebirds said ‘goodbye’. To date, in fact, the two are far apart. And most importantly, they managed to rebuild their lives. Ashley, in fact, on social media shows herself happy and in love with a young boy who defines ‘my person’. And even Jay, on his Instagram channel, seems to be carefree next to another woman.

90 days to fall in love
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