Everything changes after Vite al Limite! Today she has realized her biggest dream: here she is, by enchantment!

Everything changes after Vite al Limite, today the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan has realized her greatest dream: here she is, it is a charm!

Those who regularly follow the episodes of Lives to the Limit he knows very well that this is one of those programs that completely transforms you. To be revolutionized, mind you, is not only the physical aspect – and that of Larry gives us ample confirmation – but there are also those who completely change mentality after the program. In fact, how many times have we happened to tell you about people who have radically changed their lifestyle? Octavia is the example!

Chay Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

The protagonist of this article clearly confirms what was said a little while ago! Not only was the transformation he brought to life impressive, but he himself has profoundly changed, managing to make his biggest dream come true. We managed, in fact, to track her down on Instagram and with great amazement we discovered his life today. Are you curious to know who we are talking about, his story and his incredible transformation? We will satisfy you immediately. Let’s proceed, however, in order!

Chay’s story: everything changes after Lives on the Limit

Many remember the story of Chay told during the third season of Vite al Limite! He was just over 23 when the young man chose to contact Dr. Nowzaradan to get back in shape, but his weight was already close to 300 kg. What led him to weigh so much despite his young age? Unfortunately, the family situation of him! The good Guillory, in fact, told of living with his grandparents, but of being in total depression when his dear grandmother died at any moment. A dramatic bereavement, therefore, increased his attachment to food, but in reality he was already used to finding comfort in it due to some of his problems unknown to him. The path to the Houston clinic, therefore, not only helped him to lose weight, but also to fight some monsters of him.

Chay, in fact, did not feel comfortable in his body. He was a man, yes he, but thanks to the psychotherapy he realized that he absolutely did not want to be. How has it become today? Here’s the fun: Chay has become a woman! Let’s find out how she became today.

Here it is today: a crash!

Already at the time of his participation in Vite al Limite, the transformation of Chay Guillory shocked everyone. From her 272 kg, in fact, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient came out of the clinic with a weight of 217 kg. Like today? We don’t know how much her weight is, but she is really lovely. Here she is on her wedding day:

it changes all lives to the limit
Chay today. Credits: Instagram

With Vite al Limite, therefore, Chay really did en plein: she lost weight, that’s what she always wanted to be and found love! Fantastic!