Everything Everywhere All at Once directors working on new Star Wars series


Daniel Kwan And Daniel Scheinertdirectors of Everything Everywhere All At Oncehave jumped into the galaxy of Star Wars: Skeleton Crewthe stellar new series starring Jude Law Coming soon to Disney+. Second Hollywood Reporters the Daniels, directors of the film awarded with 7 Oscars at the last edition of the Awards, they directed an episode of the new production although, as happened in the past for the universe of Star Wars, so far Lucasfilm has kept all details secret, including the identities of the directors. A similar episode had already happened for the third season of The Mandalorian, which had revealed the names of the directors in a trailer just two months before the premiere. Despite the lack of confirmation from the production company, after the news came out, Kwan however published an Instagram story in which she mentioned Jon Wattsdirector of the trilogy of Spider-Man with Tom Hollandwho reportedly contacted the directorial duo well ahead of the project last year Everything Everywhere All at Once: “We love Jon, we love Star Wars, we love learning about new technology, we love meeting new cast and crew, and we needed a few days to maintain our health insurance (!!!), so it was an easy yes”.


The new series tells the story of a group of kids lost in the galaxy and looking for a way home in the era of the New Republic. Filming, which began last summer and ended in recent months, took place in total secrecy, but further advances could emerge from the Star Wars Celebration scheduled in London from 7 to 10 April.